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Spiral Tube Sock
Hopefully this loads.....yippie!

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Anyone else missing the Daily Digest post?
I've been away from KP for a few months (I know! Unbelievable to do so, right??) and got to thinking - that I'm no longer reminded about KP b/c there's been no posting in my email. Yes, the option is checked to receive it, as well as to receive notification about Replies posted.
Does that happen after a period of inactivity?
It was so easy to just click on the enclosed link....
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Tube Socks
I finished my first tube sock, and was happy while knitting it. It was knit on 4mm needles with 8 ply yarn. So I guess I learned that tube socks are fine as long as you knit them in a spiral pattern. It is how they stay up on your foot. I tried it on and they didn't pull down at the back like I thought they might. Next time I knit a pair I will use sock yarn, and sock needles.

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Mesh Curtains (C)
I have finished the third set of curtains. And I am not happy with the crochet thread. I used the 2400 yard cones that you can buy from Herrschners. I bought two cones and both cones had way too many knots! Both cones had reversal of the colors. Since there are only three colors, it was easy to see the switch. On on cone the switch was on the 43d row and on the other one it was on the 77th row. I am not happy! I know, just looking at the curtains it is not obvious, but I know it is there. If this was a commission project, I would not have felt right with the end product. On one cone I was having knots about every three or four rows and on the other cone it was a lot more! Seriously!!

I did send an e-mail to Herrschners and they said "they will forward my comments to the correct department". In other words, suck it up buttercup.

So, I am not happy, but they look all right hanging (I guess). I am using the remaining crochet thread on a shawl. See how far it takes me.

It took me right at a month, (while doing a lot of yard work also) to crochet these curtains. There is not pattern. Just your basic mesh based on three stitches and I used double crochet. I used a Size 2 crochet hook. They measure approximately 36 inches tall and 42 inches wide.

So, here they are.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.

I had the very devil of a time trying to get the color correct and this is the best I could do. Sorry about the reflection of the lights on the left.

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Will you crochet?
Of course I will!

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Cudos to knit bits boutigue, Toronto
Diane at knit bits boutique. A pkg of markers were lost in mail (waited 6 wks and we were communicating regularily after 3 weeks). Diane sent more markers. The day after she sent them, the first order arrived! I was going to return the second order, but she told me to share with my knitting friends. I plan to do that with our group who knit to raise money for food bank. Had to give credit to knit bits boutique, you can find her on Etsy.
Markers are delicate and beautiful

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Kam Snaps
I read on KP at one time that Kam Snaps were a good replacement for buttons on knitted sweaters, specifically baby sweaters. I can’t find the post, but I wonder if I could get your opinions. Thank you!
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Maybe this will work!

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Wanted to try it
I have been wanting to try a Dragon Tail shawl. So it's now checked off my list of to-do's. It will now look for a loving home.

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My latest project completed!
Fun to knit with self patterning yarn

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