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Which color?
I am going to try to attach my photo one more time. I have followed instructions each time the "add attachment " just won't click on. Anyway, if it goes through, advice please on which color to do the edge of the blanket. Use one color or alternate colors around. Thanks in advance and sorry if photo doesn't attach.
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Decreasing help please
Hi can anyone help me understand this please I need to do 5 rows . I understand how to do the armhole but that’s it thanks

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Game of thrones portrait #2
Coming along nicely...

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Miss Dorothy Mouse
I just finished this lovely mouse, out of Louise Crowther's book: Knitted Animal Friends. It was fun to knit her, and the pattern is extremely well written. Now it's going to be an exciting but hard decision for me which animal to knit next. They are all so cute...

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Newbie Knitting Errors
Hello again!

I'm having problems with my first swatch. On the right, the stitches are malformed (should I replace the needle?) (sorry the picture is sideways) and on the left, the yarn is catching somehow (am I not bringing the carriage far enough past the last needle on the left?).

Again, thanks in advance for enlightenment!

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Finished crochet bags
I had fun working on these drawstring bags. It is a paid pattern from Kathy's Crochet Closet. I used sinfonia yarn.
Used Bernat yarn

Used Sinfonia yarn

Used sinfonia yarn

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mitered squares
Even though I have been knitting for 60+ years I have never been able to make it work and it comes out all lopsided. Any help is totally appreciated.
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They all help in their own ways....
What else to do on a 5+ hour car ride? Crochet of course.

But boy mom, that yarn bag sure looks like the perfect place to nap...

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An example of blocking
While I had this stretched out on the wires I thought others might like to see a photo of a rectangular wrap blocked. The wires really help to make even edges and sizing. My mat is the click together floor cushion. I use welding wires as recommended on KP years ago. This took 6 wires to block. It is the Diffraction shawl knit in a Hobby Lobby fingering weight nonpill acrylic. This is the wrong side by the way as I was trying to not compress the I cord bind off all around the edge.

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Endless Summer shawl
I don't often post pictures of my work on here, but I'm proud of myself from using stash yarn I've had a long time. The yarn is Queensland collection Uluru. It was a little hard to work with but I like the Colors and Maizy the cat seems to like it too

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