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First Market Bag (c)
My friend cut out and sent me a patten from a magazine she had because she knows I knit and crochet. Took me about 3 hours start to finish. I'm sure subsequent ones will be much faster. I like that the handles are not separate to have to attach.
Size H hook Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Magazine is Mary Jane Farm.
Thanks for looking.

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Need left handed crochet help
My daughter in law wants me to make her "crochet tie strap crop top" (for the The tutorial shows only right handed way to do the foundation half double crochet. Any advice?
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Help with seaming knits together
There was a post showing how to knit pieces together without sewing them. It produced a lovely narrow column between the pieces, kind of like a "window frame" effect.

I have searched every way I can think of to find this post. It was relatively recent, probably this year.

I have a blanket with five columns all knitted and want to use this technique to join the columns.

Does anyone remember the post I'm referring to?
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Knitting in Tudor England
I know there are hundreds, (thousands even?) of passionate knitters here, but do we have any really knowledgeable historians of knitting?

There was fantastic fine knitting in the Scottish Islands for centuries, and we do have evidence for Victorian times in paintings and the census lists. But do we evidence of knitting in Tudor England?

Bone or metal pins probably, for caps and hose perhaps? 4 ply maybe?

I would be grateful for any information provided.
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Basic Number Theory in Knitting
As a math teacher, I have been wondering why some patterns tell you to cast on an 'uneven' number of stitches instead of simply saying 'odd'. Is this a common term in other countries (I am in the States) as we say Math and other countries say Maths?
And why say 'cast on a multiple of 2'? That's just an even number. A 'multiple of 2+1' is an odd number.
I do understand why you need to specify a 'multiple of 4' as not every even number is divisible by 4 or a multiple of 3 as those can be even or odd ....
I was just curious.
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Border suggestions please
I just finished a crochet C2c baby blanket graph. I am looking for suggestions as to what border to put on it. My daughter wants me to be able to add to it as my grandson grows. Thanks for your help.
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KP blue and black indications
What are some topics depicted in royal blue and others in black print?
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My stash is getting a bit out of control and to add to that I tend to hoard items that I knit or crochet, this house is groaning with the amount of craft stuff I have. I did put a few things up for sale this week but the mittens are going to Dublin with me for the wee ones in the family.

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Blanket for special friend
This blanket has been made to replace a blanket which has been lost ,I used stylecraft dk yarn and size 4mm hook it took 800. Grams ,

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Casey doll
This is Casey. I hope you and the children like the doll. Thanks for looking!

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