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I need some advice and information, please and thank you,
I have returned to this site after several year absence. I have also changed my user name. I now live in Inland Empire in SoCal. I rent a room and don't have room to have, let alone store all of my
knitting machines and accessories. I have decided to sell all of my Brother items. I have tried to contact Custom Knits & Manufacturing in Minnesota but the site has been down for weeks. Also have been advised that Knit It Now classified section has been pulled from site due to technical problems. I don't want to deal with E-Bay, don't have Facebook accounts or Twitter. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can safely sell my machines and items. All are packed. I have no pictures. Not technically savy, so no smart phone. HELP!
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doctordonam SCAM
This new member is a scammer. Do NOT click
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What in the heck!!!!!
Notice the topics from some guy by the name of doctordonam----don't trust them--and will not open them!! has anyone else.....Think admin. should do something about these--if we open, our computers might go down! Yikes! is it a hoax or what!!!!!
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I am nearly finished with a blanket made from 100% Peruvian highland wool. I know it must be handwashed and laid flat to dry but am interested in your opinions on the best method and any products that you could recommend. Thanks!!
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help finding pattern posted about two weeks ago
I just got the yarn today and now I cant find where I put the pattern.

a kp member a few weeks ago posted a lovely sweater and pants for a child. the sweater had loud colors and the pants were a solid color (yellow I think) . It was just lovely and was asking us what we thought of it.

please, please, does anyone know how to get this pattern?

thank you
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Wraps K
Working on wraps for the Dialysis center nurse would like them starting in aug
As she has 50 I donated for mother s day
Again thanks to Generous KP members who donated to me the reason I can knit so many for the center.

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Hats K
Working on hats for a KP member for her winter project yes it will come again for us in US
Wanting to k 50 have 36 finished from odd balls did post some of them before
Also baby hats for the hospital

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binding off
What is the recommended bind off for a front piece along a cardigan which was done in K2 P2 for 10"??

Not sure binding off in the pattern will have that firm, finished look.
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Crochet Help-Pattern is Cherry Blossom
I do not understand this row, can someone please write it out for me, I am not getting it, pretty please

Row 11: Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), dc, ch1 into each of the next 3 dc sts, *in the arc
above the 3 dc tog in the 1st row, dc 3 tog, ch1, 1 dc, ch1 into each of the 7 dc of
the previous row*. Repeat 9 more times. Dc 3 tog, ch1 in the next arc above the dc
3 tog in the 1st row, dc, ch1, into each of the next 2 dc, dc in next dc, dc in the
last dc. Turn. (10 7dc, fan shells, and 2 3 dc fan shells)
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Impala Shawl
I finally got the pattern and I am having alittle trouble doing the M1R and M1L. Is there an easier way to do increase on both sides? Any and all advice would be very helpful. And grateful. Jodi

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