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Fall in the Midwest
It is beginning to feel like Fall outside so I wanted to bring some of it inside. We are at our daughter’s house in Bloomington, IL and I put out a table decoration I made for her sometime ago. The big bowl has leaves, pumpkins, acorns, Indian corn, and pine cones, etc.

I think I need to make something like this for my house.

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Breaking Addi Circulars
I am wondering if any other knitters have had issues with Addi circular knitting needles breaking. My 3rd set have just broken at the join between the needle and the wire. All 3 needles are different sizes and I have had this problem with them over the past few years.

I have notified the company and they have replaced the first 2 sets but the last set broke just the other day so I wanted to get some input from other KPers before complaining yet again to the company.

This last set has been used for only 2 projects and although I tend to knit heavier items such as baby blankets, shawls and afghans, I thought they would last a lot longer than this.

I would appreciate any information from others who have had a similar issue with these needles.
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Child's pattern for double jacquard .
Would anyone have a pattern for one of these please. Difficult to find I'm realising, unless looking in the wrong spots. Thanks everyone
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Where do I start decreasing for sleeves knitted top down
Hi Brains Trust. I am knitting sleeves top down and an a little confused.

The pattern says: knit for an inch after joining round. OK.

Then it says, dec 1 st either side of center st every 8th rnd 2 times.

Do u start decreasing as soon as you finish the 1 inch, fillowed by the 2nd dec 8 rnds later?

Or do the 1st dec after knitting another 7 rows and do the 1st decrease on the 8th rnd?

Thanks for your advice.
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Tablecloths crocheted 1.1 from threads of the company Yarnart called Violet. Size 110 cm by 75 cm. 100% cotton.

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Oh woe is me
I have spent the last 2 days trying to find some yarn. I bought yarn from Ice Yarns (kid mohair fine) and fine it was!!! I then went looking for something to knit together with it. I found the perfect yarn, a long variegated, cotton/synthetic blend which is a 3ply.
I bought 2 bags of this as 'mill ends' and happily went home to start my project - a shaped and multiple cabled cardigan- only to find that the bags contained a mixture of 3 and 8 ply, with some balls starting in the finer ply only to become knotted to the thicker yard some way into the balls.
I have now almost finished the back of the cardigan and only have enough of the 3 ply to finish the fronts....none left for the sleeves. I could cry. The yarn is from Turkey but was bought from Spotlight Stores. After a couple of afternoons 'holding on' while they looked through their yarns or simply not answering their phones, I have hit a wall.
As I said, Woe is me.
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I don't want to burn your eyes, but....
I wasn't going to post this picture but they arrived yesterday morning, they cost me just under £4 for the full set, a couple of them have a few rough bits but nothing hubby can't put right. I have 2 pairs of chia-goo circular needles which I use mostly and I know that some of you wouldn't touch them with a barge pole but it's all I can afford at the minute and they're not too bad, they aren't as good as my chias but I didn't think they would be. I hope they don't burn your eyes lol

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so true
so VERY true!

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Test knit : Sea Glass Cardigan 2019/137
Another test knit done. Thanks for looking

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Big, bulky, warm cowl
This cowl was knitted on 13 needles with Bernat Blanket yarn. Cast on 120 stitches. *Knit 5 rows. Purl 5 rows. Repeat from * until just enough yarn left to bind off. This can be used as a scarf like cowl or be doubled and really, really thick. Really warm and soft.

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