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Jumper, bootees and teddy bear
My great niece has just had a little boy and as she was given lots of tiny baby things I decided to knit for next year. Thanks for looking, Tortie.

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Parchment paper instead of wax paper...
I experimented on my new 35 cm bamboo needles to make them a bit more slick and had no wax paper to rub them so I tried with parchment paper and it works wonders, thought I'd share the info.
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Super cool yarn
Hi all. I just got a new yarn yesterday. It's different colors and textures all in one. I started knitting it up in all knit stitch using super chunky needles. Just doing a simple scarf with this one. I can't wait to see how it ends up. Woohoo 😀😀😀
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Rudolph hat and mittens k
Ive been making so many knitting requests lately , not that I'm complaining as its more money to donate to charity , but it was nice to get back to knitting something I choose to do ,and fun to get started on some fun winter knits , the Rudolph chart I used came from a drops pattern for a sweater , I first used it a couple of years ago on a christmas pillow and now I've used it on this little hat and mittens set, had a job trying to remember how I did the noses but I'm pleased with how they worked out , find it funny how some of the rudolphs look completely different from each other , that one on the mitten looks like Oscar the grouch😄

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Kitty Kat
Had real fun looming this Kitty Kat.

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Want to knit a fedora hat.
My name is Linda but my sign in is w8of12. I need a pattern for a fedora hat. I tried crocheting an didn't like the way it looked. I only got the top done.
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Novelty. Square tablecloth.
A square openwork tablecloth crocheted 1.1 from Yarnart threads called Violet. 145 cm by 145 cm.

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Warning re: Red Heart Yarn
I made an afghan in the Crochet Mesh Stitch for my dad for his b’day in Nov. he’ll be 93 so I wanted it to be ready for that day. It took me months to do. I’m an expert knitter & crocheter, 50+yrs so my gage is always consistent. I started with a chain of 188 & did 3 rows repeated once of Royal Blue, Delft Blue & Light Blue of 240 rows total. My starting width was 37” & ended up with 34”. That a difference of 3 whole inches. The weight on the paper band claims that all their yarn is 7 oz/198 g. There is a different feel between all 3 colors. I worked hard in order to get this afghan done because my dad is not in good health & lives in a nursing home so I figured that it would cheer him up. A lady in my Monday morning group that meets together was having a similar problem, she had to rip her afghan apart because she probably thought it was her fault but I will tell her when I see her tomorrow that it’s her yarn & I will let the whole group know in case they had a similar experience. I wrote to the company & sent these photos to them plus others & I’m waiting to hear from them. I hope this helps anyone who is a Red Heart lover as I was. The one photo is a comparison of the 3 different yarns I used. I will keep you all posted as to the outcome.

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How far will you travel for yarn?
I was looking at a Berroco pattern and clicked on the link to find out where I could buy the suggested yarn. The closest place was 442 miles! They obviously think I’ll be willing to spend more on gas than on yarn.
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Understanding Patterns
I cannot follow this pattern :

1st Row K2tog, K14 turn.
2nd and alt rows- purl to end.
3rd row - K2tog, K10 turn cont in this manner working 4 sts less each time and dedc at beg of alt rows until the row "K2tog. K6 has been worked??????????
Can anyone help please
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