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Downsizing question
I have a ton of yarn from my own stash, my Mom and aunts my question is do you think I should try selling this as bins or should I separate all the yarn and try selling it separately. It’™s a lot of yarn and I need to find new homes ASAP.

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For my fellow artists
Saw this on facebook.

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Yea Me!
I ran to the store today, which is next to a Goodwill. On a whim, I ran into goodwill.
I found another set of Denise Interchangables, one cord and the largest size needles missing, 1.99!!! Great, if I have something on a set, I can now start another project and have the correct needle sizes.
I also found a sweater dryer. All the parts are there, the mesh has never been attached to the frame, and the legs and hanger are still sealed in the plastic bag they came in, 1.99, and with the sr discount they were cheaper! I am so happy I followed my instincts instead of rushing into the store and out again!
For 1.99 I can live without the missing cord and largest needles!
I found a set at a yard sale this past summer for 5.00, brand new, never unsealed. I love when I find great things!
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How to read a pattern
Hi everyone, I am brand new, and trying to knit this scarf. I have ripped it out numerous times, as I am teaching myself. I think I am reading it wrong.I have already kniting 2 rows of k2,p2 of a border . The pattern says, R1: k2,(k2tog, yo) twice *k4, (k2tog,yo)twice; repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2

So I have 2 questions. 1. Am i knitting just what's in the parentheses twice, or also the k2 or (k4) in front of it. 2. the second half of the instructions, k4, (k2tog.yo) twice ~~why does it say "twice" if I am just repeating it anyway? in doesnt make any sense to "do it twice" and then just keep doing it til the end of the round.

i hope this is clear. It didnt look right, it wasnt "holey" enough so i was thinking i was reading it wrong and should only do whats in () twice. TIA!!!
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A link to a sock pattern with no pick up stitches that was posted today
Can someone help me find the link that was posted today for a pay for pattern on raverly that was posted this morning for a sock pattern with no pick up stitches and said would have to use math for a fit and someone said they were the only socks that did not move around in their shoes.
I was in a hurry and thought I would get the info later and now I can not find the post. No idea of pattern name or anything.
I have looked in different ways but am not very good with computers so I know it is there and I just am not doing it right.
Any help will be greatly appreciated as I have not been able to get a good fitting sock.
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Hat X & Os
Hi everyone, wonder if any one of you has this pattern and made it?

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Alicia-s Winter Headband, HELP
My granddaughter would like this headband. The instructions are just not clear to me. I checked notes for the pattern on Ralvary and was not able to find anything helpful. Can someone help me decifer this, please ? Thanks

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Question re: stitch for Ripple Afgan
Okay. I just finished a baby Afgan using the ripple stitch (double crochet). Finally mastered it! Feeling kind of proud. My question now is, I want to make an adult size Ripple Afgan and was wondering if any of you have ever used the half double crochet stitch instead of the double? I've made a sample and kind of like the more closed, more solid Afgan. Any of your ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Studio 500 mylars
Are the mylar sheets for brother kh910 and a studio 500 interchangeable?
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Birthday Thanks
Thank you to Admin and Dorabell for the birthday wishes.
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