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I knit this cardigan for Merrick
It's a little big just yet so he may get the winter out of it. Jeff and Jess like the sweater. I'm so pleased to see it. The second photo is the exact expression Jeff and Jess (well, my whole family actually) get when I bring out the camera. I laughed out loud. But then they really notice when I don't bring out the camera, so I wonder if the expression is for humour's sake. teehee I love my crew so much.

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Huggable bear sweater
Am I being too obsessive? I just knit a Huggable Bear for my doctor's new grandson Since he is a newborn, I embroidered on the eyes and nose on so that the bear would be suitable for a baby. I wanted to make the sweater for the bear but the pattern calls for buttons (swallowing hazard) on a cardigan hoodie. Should I leave the buttons and buttonholes off and leave it open or should I make a pullover hoodie instead (harder for me with no pattern) or forget sweater entirely. I want this to be a special gift because the doctor saved my husband"s life last year. I do not know the parents who live far away.
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knitting for charity
I am involved with a group who make items for Angel Babies so I knitted these items

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More of my recent knitting
Here are a few more

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Some of my latest work (K)
I havent been on KP for so long so have quite a few pics to show of what I've been up to lol

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No skid slipper spray
Can anyone tell me the name of the spray type slipper coating to keep them from sliding? Also, where this can be purchased? Thank you so much!
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Baby pinafore
Swedenme had a knit along a few weeks ago and I loved the pinafore she knitted but didn't do it myself at the time. I kept the instructions and this is my effort at it. I cast on 61 stitches instead of 60 because I wanted to put 1 of the hearts in the center of the bib and it has an odd number of stitches but I was finished before I remembered it! Thank you very much Swedenme for sharing your pattern with us.

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lont-tail cast on
What is the rule of thumb to know what length of yarn to pull out of the skein to have enough and not too much yarn left hanging when making a long-tail cast on?
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increasing (K)
Knitting sleeves in stocking stitch. Have to increase each side every 4th row then every 5th row. Does that mean every other purl row for 4th row and every 3rd knit row for 5th row? This is probably such a dopey question. Thanks for your help. Sandra
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Book ends
I really must learn to keep quiet. Our knit and natter group at the library were asked to knit bunting and bookends for a display. I heard myself say I’d knit the bookends! So here are some, filled with sand to make them heavy enough. Still, bookends were preferable to knitting numerous triangles for bunting.

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