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Well on the blocking board I noticed The darker color of my onesie ran into the straps and the bottom legs. I appreciate any suggestions You may have to remove the blue color from the straps and leg bands. I need this for a shower this Sunday. Thank you in advance.
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After the frog
I am returning to my stash after too many - ahem - years, and I have several works in progress. I’d like to frog them all and start over with new patterns. Any suggestions for how to refresh my frogged yarn to remove the inevitable crinkles?
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Fall in the Midwest
It is beginning to feel like Fall outside so I wanted to bring some of it inside. We are at our daughter’s house in Bloomington, IL and I put out a table decoration I made for her sometime ago. The big bowl has leaves, pumpkins, acorns, Indian corn, and pine cones, etc.

I think I need to make something like this for my house.

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Breaking Addi Circulars
I am wondering if any other knitters have had issues with Addi circular knitting needles breaking. My 3rd set have just broken at the join between the needle and the wire. All 3 needles are different sizes and I have had this problem with them over the past few years.

I have notified the company and they have replaced the first 2 sets but the last set broke just the other day so I wanted to get some input from other KPers before complaining yet again to the company.

This last set has been used for only 2 projects and although I tend to knit heavier items such as baby blankets, shawls and afghans, I thought they would last a lot longer than this.

I would appreciate any information from others who have had a similar issue with these needles.
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Child's pattern for double jacquard .
Would anyone have a pattern for one of these please. Difficult to find I'm realising, unless looking in the wrong spots. Thanks everyone
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Where do I start decreasing for sleeves knitted top down
Hi Brains Trust. I am knitting sleeves top down and an a little confused.

The pattern says: knit for an inch after joining round. OK.

Then it says, dec 1 st either side of center st every 8th rnd 2 times.

Do u start decreasing as soon as you finish the 1 inch, fillowed by the 2nd dec 8 rnds later?

Or do the 1st dec after knitting another 7 rows and do the 1st decrease on the 8th rnd?

Thanks for your advice.
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Tablecloths crocheted 1.1 from threads of the company Yarnart called Violet. Size 110 cm by 75 cm. 100% cotton.

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Oh woe is me
I have spent the last 2 days trying to find some yarn. I bought yarn from Ice Yarns (kid mohair fine) and fine it was!!! I then went looking for something to knit together with it. I found the perfect yarn, a long variegated, cotton/synthetic blend which is a 3ply.
I bought 2 bags of this as 'mill ends' and happily went home to start my project - a shaped and multiple cabled cardigan- only to find that the bags contained a mixture of 3 and 8 ply, with some balls starting in the finer ply only to become knotted to the thicker yard some way into the balls.
I have now almost finished the back of the cardigan and only have enough of the 3 ply to finish the fronts....none left for the sleeves. I could cry. The yarn is from Turkey but was bought from Spotlight Stores. After a couple of afternoons 'holding on' while they looked through their yarns or simply not answering their phones, I have hit a wall.
As I said, Woe is me.
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I don't want to burn your eyes, but....
I wasn't going to post this picture but they arrived yesterday morning, they cost me just under £4 for the full set, a couple of them have a few rough bits but nothing hubby can't put right. I have 2 pairs of chia-goo circular needles which I use mostly and I know that some of you wouldn't touch them with a barge pole but it's all I can afford at the minute and they're not too bad, they aren't as good as my chias but I didn't think they would be. I hope they don't burn your eyes lol

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so true
so VERY true!

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