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My Brother 860 (Erka 40)
PLease could anyone help me with the purchase of new needles? I have just ordered and recieved 250 chinese needles for the machine....but they are too small!!!! Does anyone know where I can buy the correct size from? Preferably in France or on the internet? Grateful thanks.

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The same and yet different
It's been quite a while since I last published anything.
I'm back with new shawls, almost the same yet different.
I was checking the same variegated against different backgrounds and here are the results.

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Niece in her sweater
I finally got a picture of my niece in her new Alpaca sweater.

The spots are from the camera lens.

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Picking up stitches on necks
Hi has anyone got a good tip for picking up stitches around the neck evenly, I've watched YouTube but I am still struggling. šŸ¤”
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my calm sweater
After the bright colours of my previous project, I went with a calmer approach this time. This should fit someone 8 to 10 years old maybe. I always make the sleeves a little long. They can be rolled up if needed but not stretched if needed. The white spot is a spot on my camera lens. hmmmm

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Baby hats
I knitted the ribbed bands then finished the hats in crochet. Makes the hats more stretchy to go on babies heads easier.
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Recycled yarn
Mohair tank bought in a thrift store, signed Ann Taylor. I ripped it apart, washed the yarn and Ā“reKnitted in a 2 tones new tank: the mohair is lilas and the yoke is grey(cashemire)+lilas mohair. It was a first time challenge and enjoyed it a lot. A nice way to recycle nice yarn!

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Tiny Topsy T doll k
Finished one side of this doll hair was a challenge

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need help with this knit stitch PLEASE
I am working on a knit Aran clan sweater. the pattern is from it is a paid pattern.

the pattern says,
Feather (7sts)

1. Take 2 to the back K1 knit the 2 at back K1 take 1 to the front K2 knit the 1 at front ( how do you do this??)


3. Knit


Thank you
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Not to be an enabler but zulily has knitting and crochet yarn/supplies/books/accessories on its site this morning.
I'm not going to buy, I'm not going to buy, I'm not going to buy...
But I did look
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