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Interchangeable needle question
Hi. I was wondering if I can use my knitter's pride dreams interchangeable circular needles 40 inch cord with my knitters pride special small ic needle tips us 9 5.50 mm?

What do you think?

I want to make a wide and long knitted blanket for my bed.
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Quick Christmas Gift
Help! I'm hoping someone can help me find an easy machine knit pattern for a pair of mittens that I can knit for a Christmas gift. I'm not a great machine knitter, but if I have an easy pattern for the KH 260 with ribber (I only will rib the cuff) or an LK 150 I should be able to do it. I have spent countless hours researching only to find it was for a standard machine. I have only recently taught myself how to do socks, but I don't think I have enough time to make two pair and they have very tiny feet so mid-gauge to bulky won't work for them. If you have ideas for anything else knit on the machine, I'm open to suggestions. I wanted to get started and have these finished by Thursday. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Help with intarsia on studio 700
I am following the manual (yarn guides, settings, etc), but the knitting falls off on 2nd row. The manual says nothing about removing the yarn guides, so I left them atrached. Also, I knitted without the blank punch card. Do I need one?Will any blank punch card do? Can someone please help me? Many thabks
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Repair for Brother/Knitking KH-230
Hello! I’m a new member here. I just acquired a Brother KH-230 for our town library maker space. It has had a few previous owners. After we get a new sponge bar in there, we might need some small repairs. Can anyone recommend someplace in Massachusetts or even anywhere in southern New England who could help us?
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Acrylic Yarn
The local stores seem to carry a lot of acrylic yarns and too few wool, if any at all. In my attempt at stocking caps I have found that the ribbing section goes better in wool, or a wool blend that is at least 65% wool. So, I found in my stash two nice yarns to use together, both acrylic but one novelty yarn. As I'm knitting the ribbing in a plain white acrylic, I find that it is courser and stiffer than I'd like. I'm hoping that once it's washed in warm sudsy water that some finishing will be washed out. I want the ribbing to encompass some elasticity so it doesn't "bag out" over time. Does anyone know if the yarn will soften up and not bag?
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Remember this sweater?
I posted a few months ago this open cardigan sweater, I promised that pattern will be finish soon but is not, sorry ladies, so many things, wonderful things are happening in my life, great collaboration with important yarn companies make me put away this sweater for a moment, the good news is that pattern is ready but I need to make the multisizing to offer all sizes, anyway for now, here are some pictures taking in Burano, Italy, is super comfortable and warm, great for fall and winter, enjoy and hopefully pattern and final pictures will be ready for January!
Stay tuned and enjoy the Holidays!
your knitting friend, Lilia

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Hat pattern
Don’t remember where I saw it but it is an adult hat, provisional cast , making the rib double. But what I am most
Interested in is the top decrease. It had slip and pass and k 2 tog making a very interesting finish. Hopefully someone else saw it. Thanks.knitterforever
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Last donations for The Greyhound Trust before Christmas.
The recent meeting they had, followed by a walk for all the dogs, was very successful and people turn up with LARGE donations.!! over £2000 was raised on the day & all the items I made sold. I now have requests, I don't want to say orders, from other Trust branches for specific items.

Made these last few items & took them up to the branch this morning: they were well received , in fact one volunteer brought a pair of mitts for himself as I unpacked them. It was a trial run to see if men wanted the mitts too, apparently they do!! (the blue cabled one's)

Jag modeled the one Christmas coloured cowl, he was mortified when I took it away. but loved all the fuss and treats he got.

I love it when we go up there. I don't know why but there are so many Greyhounds that look like my Jag. He was there for 6 months and a lot of the volunteer workers recognise him still & say how much better he looks :o)

PS. As you can imagine the pattern for K2 P2 rib cowl is boring, okay it fits but...........that is why all my cowls are slightly different, perhaps that's why they sell. Plus I have a lovely eBay seller I have brought a lot of wool from & who has since donated wool to me , which has lost he label, part used, she is very generous :o)

2 more big shows coming up, one in March 2019 and the big one Crufts is November I think. Can make all sorts of dog coats for that one.
Might even try dog biscuits, I even brought a book : A La Bark Baking by Kris Owen.

Thanks for looking.

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Joining front and back of scarf
I'm knitting a 'stealth' scarf for my daughter. One side is herringbone and the other is my daughter's favorite saying, "Nevertheless, she persisted." I'm coming to the end of the knitting part and suddenly realized I don't know how to sew/knit/crochet the front to the back back of the scarf. I've searched google. No help there, just seaming and edging advice for one-sided scarf. Can anyone help me complete the scarf?
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Lapghan for wheelchair
I knitted a lapghan for a friend who is in a wheelchair, using a drop stitch. It has an I-cord threaded at the waist that wraps around to tie in the front.

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