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How to use apple laptop
Hi, I recently bought Apple laptop but do not know how to use it. i recently moved to Nashville and don’t know if there is senior centers where I can take a few classes. Or if there is online class or on YouTube.

Thanks in advance
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Kids-sweater measurements
I like to knit sweaters for kids but hardly ever use a pattern. This has me always guessing the right measurements.
Do any of you have a chart with standard measurements or direct me to a website?
Thank you so much in advance!
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Need help shortening this vest.
So I made this vest for my grandson. I actually made it 2 and a half times. First we thought it was too short, then I didn't like the neckline, then I boo-booed the pattern somehow -- so alot of frogging and the yarn was really showing it. So after all that, I thought it was finally good. Finished it and had him try it on and it's both too big and too long. He is 6'1" and lean, it just didn't work. At this point I don't want to frog it again, the yarn just wouldn't hold up. It doesn't fit anyone else--except not too bad on me, but way too long. So I need to take off about 5" from the bottom. I have it folded under in the picture. So I am asking how to hem it. This was a bottom up pattern, so i can't rip it out. It has 2" of ribbing at the bottom. I want to try to cut and sew, but I have no idea how to do that. I am fine with losing the ribbing and just doing a straight hem. I know how to sew, I have a great machine, I just haven't ever sewn something I have knitted. Any suggestions on how to start?

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Compuknit III knitting machine
Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem with my Compuknit III machine. I did not have a service manual and when I downloaded one I saw how to correct the problem. I have had this machine 32 years and this is the first problem I have encountered. My husband suggested a new machine, but I am too old to consider that--I will be 84 years old in few weeks and still enjoy knitting! Thank you again for the help.
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First recording you ever bought?
What was the first recording (and media) that you ever bought with your own money?
Mine was 45 rpm record - allowance - Uh-Oh I'm Falling in Love Again by Jimmie Rodgers (the pop star, not the country star)
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My first tube socks
My 2yo gd wanted grandma to make her some socks. I decided to make tube socks so they fit a little longer. I don't know where I found the pattern, I had it written on an index card. I did them 40 stitches and 8 inches long. I think the next pair I'll do 44 stitches. The yarn is a drops fable about 20 grams. On the pattern the top instructions twists one way, the bottom the other. You can make any size, multiple of 4. I just used a regular toe up toe. I also think I'll use the star toe pattern for the toe next time, too.

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For The Legal Minds Among You
I am not sure if this is where this belongs, but here goes. If I find a pattern that I like and after due diligence am not able to figure out how to enlarge it because guage is not given and I am not able to find the yarn mentioned in the pattern, would I be infringing on the designers rights if I find a similar pattern to the base portion of the item, that comes in the correct size and then add the part of the pattern using my own design to complete the project. Yes, I am talking about the Beer Stein Socks for my nephew-in-law. I have found a basic, free, knitted pattern for the sock and intend to make it in dk weight (not the yarn used in the original pattern, nor the weight) yarn except for the top 2 inches which instead of ribbing is going to be a yarn that will resemble foam. Then on the side I will place either an I-cord handle or a tube that I stuff to give it shape and strength for the handle. I will be writing down how I do this so if anyone else wants to make them, I have a pattern to give them. I don't want to end up in court over a pair of socks Michael will wear one weekend a year in a small town in Northern Ohio.
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Need your help again :)
Never mind.....figured it out. :)
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1898 Cheat Sheet
I made this simplified word document for the brim of the 1898 Hat. It made it easier for me to see at a glance how many rows I needed to knit for each section. Hope this helps someone and if I made an error please let me know. I have no one around to proof knitting instructions. lol I see that it shows as a two page document but just print the first page as second is blank.

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Knit scarf/afghan composed of many different patterns
I saw this somewhere and don't remember the name of that type of knitting. The item I saw (don't remember if it was a scarf or afghan) was composed of multiple and unrelated patterns and it look so good. Now I can't find it.
Does anyone know what I'm ranting about? Please help me if you do.
Thanks so much
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