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Knitting Using Feet
This carte de visite displays an 1876 photo of Ann E. Leak. Born without arms to a large, well-to-do Georgia family in 1839, she learned to do everything her siblings did with her feet. When her brothers and her family's property were lost in the Civil War, and she was unable to work as a governess because the cost of hiring someone to assist her was too prohibitive, Ann made a living for both herself and her parents by travelling about the U.S. to give demonstrations of her skill with her feet to small audiences - and one of those skills was knitting! A newspaper reported that she also "crochets, braids hair, embroiders, writes, sews, and uses scissors, knife, fork, tumbler, etc., with as much ease and comfort as though blessed with hands". She married in her forties, had one son, wrote an autobiography, and continued to tour the world to demonstrate her dexterity with her feet as Ann Leak Thompson until late in life.

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Plumber tape for needles that unscrew from the cable?
I read in a previous post you could use plumber tape to secure the joint that meets the needle and cable. Would that be teflon tape? Would you tighten with a pair of rubber gloves, use the key then secure the joint with teflon tape or is it another tape? Help please.
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Setup Round(s) for One-Color Brioche in the Round
I am very confused about how many passes are needed for the setup "round" for one-color brioche in the round.

I've read that every "round" of brioche needs two passes because you have to work the knit stitches on one pass and the purl stitches on another.

However, I've watched videos and read Nancy Marchant's book and some say you need two passes and others just give instructions for one pass. It certainly makes a difference on what kind of stitch you start with for the first round of your pattern.

Then, I'm wondering how you would know when to use either method.
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Skin tone yarn colors
Hi I am looking for advice on what yarn to use for all skin types. Does anyone have any favorites? Thank you.
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My Latest Creation
This is my new Kaleidoscope Bedspread. I had so much fun making it....

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Linen Handkerchief with pansies
Crochet with size 20 thread and 1.25mm needle - pansies going all around next

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Christmas afghan in may
My granddaughter wanted a red and white afghan. Just being new to crochet and watching lots of video's, this is what I came up with. Yarn is red heart worsted. Not the most expensive yarn, but good for a first time project. Hope she will like it.

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Baby blanket
Finished baby blanket bind off edge is stiff whereas the cast on edge is stretchy. The bind off side of blanket seems to be narrower than the cast on side. Did I do something wrong with my tension? Can this be fixed with blocking? What should I do?
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Diagonal Overlay afghan
Finished another afghan to be taken to one of my favourite charities (Twilight Chiens) in June. Hope they will be able to raise a few euros - fingers crossed!

Pattern is Diamond Overlay Scrapghan by Margret Willson (Crochet World magazine, October 2018). You know your stash is hopelessly out of control when a scrapghan makes no impression whatsoever!

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Handmade tablecloth
The tablecloth is crocheted 1.1 from the thread of the company Vita called Pelican. 100% cotton. 170 cm in diameter. Tied as a gift in 2014

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