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Blocking a True Moebius
Can anyone tell me how to block a true moebius? And if that isn't bad enough it also has a wavy border! It's 100% wool and right now looks like a rag, so it definitely needs blocking.
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Right Leaning and Left Leaning Decrease on Purl Side (K)
I am trying to make a pair of baby no thumb mittens using no pattern. I want to decrease quickly at the top so I need to decrease on both the knit and the purl sides. I cannot get the right and left leaning decreases to work on the purl side. Can someone help me with what decreases I should use?
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Magic loop question
I watched U-tube lessons on Magic loop. Can someone explain why this is “better” than simply knitting in the round? It seems like all that moving of the cord takes more time than just knitting. Am I missing something?
Thank you in advance!
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Idea for a doggie jingle bell collar
This doesn't look as if it would be difficult to knit just the collar part from scratch....something that would go over the dog's head and be comfortable to wear for the holiday festivities.

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My Raverly account is unreadable......
I use windows 10 and an HP laptop the past couple of weeks my raverly is so messed up I can't read it the columns are overlapped on top of each other. I cleaned out my browsing history and tried to send Sarah at Raverly a message but that was a week ago and no response. Does anyone have any suggestions. I can't use it and it upsets me to say the least. I would attach a screen shot but don't know how.
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Slip stitch
LOVE knitting (beginner) but really hard to find help where I live. Could someone please explain "sl the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th st over the first st." Thanks so much!
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Callie's cardigan
I knitted this little cardigan for my grandaughter while I was on holiday in the motorhome, I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I have washed it and it kept its shape, I was a bit worried as it is cotton.

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UL Cardinal Hat
University of Louisville...I made this for a niece for a Christmas gift she asked for several years ago. I improvised a bit, here and there. I started it sometime yesterday morning and finished by 5:00 pm. Really pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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Using worsted instead of sport weight yarn
Does anyone know of a chart for sizing when using worsted instead of sport weight? It will be for a baby, not clothing, but don't want to end up with a baby blanket 45" wide!

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Knitting socks with alpaca
Do you knit alpaca socks with alpaca yarn and nylon or mohair or do you just knit heels with the 2 yarns
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