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join in circulars
Someone asked about how to make a nice secure join with circulars. I responded but when I re-read it I thought it was not very clear. I would suggest going to "New Stitch a Day" u tube. He demonstrates how to add one extra stitch and how to do the transfer so very nicely. It is my favorite method because it is secure.

cmnb (WI)
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Bobble cowl and its hat
It is a Lola Bobble cowl by the designer Alexandra Davidoff and the chapka is Knitted on the same cable pattern. The yarn is baby alpaca I processed from the fleece, spun and knitted.

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Pink on Ellen
Pink and Ellen playing Burning question
Question ..what do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night,?

Pink answers KNIT
Ellen ... and you're a real good knitter
Pink answers...Yes I am.
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Shawl Question/Help Please
I'm making a shawl in the feather and fan stitch. I do not want to do the whole thing in that pattern. My question is, if I do 4 pattern rows of the feather and fan (16 total rows), then change to stockinette stitch, will the sides curl on the stockinette stitch rows? I could always do garter stitch, but I think stockinette would look nicer. (My yarn is sport weight acrylic, if that makes a difference.) Please help!
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Joining in circular knitting
I have seen a post in the last two weeks and for the life of me, can't find it but it has to do with joining a round in circular needle knitting. I always have a problem with the join being too loose. What I do recall is you added an extra stitch and somehow you joined by doing some type of bind-off. Thanks for any help.
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Shawl Completed
I loved knitting this Prayer Shawl for a friend with Ovarian Cancer. The pattern is Old Shale by Amanda Clark. She chose the color (Grape), and loves its coziness.

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So irritated! (Whine alert)
I am so irritated. Everything was going along fine, then boom, all the problems. My 2yo gd loves rainbow colors so I found a rhss that had beautiful colors and started a hat for her. This is the 3rd yarn barf in this skien. While pulling out this yarn barf I woke up to the fact that the repeats in this yarn are mirrored rather than sequential. I wish they would say on the ball band which way the colors run. Since the color is " Favorite Stripe" I was expecting stripes not an unattractive blob of green in the middle. I guess I'll frog, I don't feel like cutting the yarn and flipping it to fix the color order. Thank you for letting me vent.

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An Easy Tip for Stash Organisation
My stash was in urgent need of better organisation. Lots of odds and ends of balls of the same yarn brand/type. Small quantities of left over yarns from projects. Impulse buys etc etc. But although I had them sorted by sameness etc and stored in bins and drawers, I kept having to open the polythene bags they were separated into, to find what I wanted. And then balls would escape and in no time my nicely sorted drawers would have loose balls that had rolled out of the bags. Then I had a brainwave! No doubt lots of you already do this - but for those of you who are still wrestling with loose balls of yarn escaping from bags -

Certain online yarn shops always send out their orders in organza bags. They not only look nice but the drawstring stops the balls from escaping, and they are transparent enough that you can easily see what's inside, and keep the yarn clean. Best of all they are CHEAP! and come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit specific needs. I opted for 30cmx40cm which is roughly 12"x16" as I wanted them to fit nicely in my stash drawers and bins. I chose a cream colour as that's what the shops use and so easy to see through. I bought mine on Amazon but plenty on Ebay too, and I looked for a supplier in my country so that it was quick delivery! A lot were from China which often takes much longer to deliver to UK but I was in too much of a hurry to wait!

It really has made my hobby much more pleasant to delve into, as well as easy to find what I'm looking for. Hope it might help someone else who is drowning in a multitude of yarn!
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Sock Knitting
I'm on my second pair of socks following Simply in Stitches Youtube tutorial using 9" circular needles. I'm following her directions and used 64 sts for a woman's size 6 shoe size. I used Kroy sock wool for them and my DIL will try them on this weekend ready for me to complete the toe. The second pair (using Premier Wool-free sock yarn) and all subsequent pairs will be for men's size 13 shoe, I increased the number of stitches to 80 and although not yet completed they seem to fit.
For my next pair I'm going to try sockit2me's basic sock pattern for 12" circulars which seems to be based on 60sts.
How many stitches do you experienced sock knitters suggest I use for the size 13 shoe?
Is there a printed pattern available for 9" or 12" circular needles that lists stitch numbers and directions for the different foot sizes?
Comparing the two yarns I've used so far - the Kroy is thicker and a bit scratchy but will probably be warmer than the Premier which has no wool but is lovely and soft and makes a finer weight sock. I also like the Fair Isle effect of the Premier.
Any advice will be gratefully received.
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Hue Shift Afghan
Just finished seaming the mighty Hue shift. NOW to make the borders
Thanks to my good knitting mate Hema and her very patient tutoring I seem to have mastered the mattress stitch
Thanks for looking
Lov Annu

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