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My latest works
Two years ago, for my 50th birthday, I was blessed with the greatest gift ever: a beautiful and healthy grandson! The pictures show some of the things I created for him.

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Question On Raglan Pattern From Knitting Pure & Simple Number 201
I am working on this pattern and I am at the point where I divide for sleeves. The pattern reads thus:

K to first increase marker, remove it (remove all markers now as you come to them), K1. Now, using a blunt darning needle and scrap yarn, slip all the sts between here and the next marker on to the length of yarn to hold for the left sleeve. Cast onto the right tip of the needle 10 sts and join to the back sts. K across the back sts to the next marker K1, slip all the sts between here and the next marker k1, slip all the sts between here and the next marker onto a length of yarn to hold for the right sleeve. Cast on 10 sts as before. K to the end of the row.

Now, I am probably reading this incorrectly, but as I read it, it says cast on to the back stitches on the left side. But when you come to the right sleeve is it telling me to add the stitches to the front? Thank you all in advance for reading this and attempting to help.
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Flesh toned yarns
Just saw this from ICE yarns and couldn't locate the original topic from a day or so ago. They are offering a cotton blend DK at in 25g skeins.
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Crochet blanket with applique (MzBarnz)
When my teacher friend had her first baby 25 years ago, I made a little blanket for her. Then I was transferred to a different school and wasn't around when her second baby was born 2 years later. Well, now that I'm back to working with my friend, that second child has reminded me that she never got a blanket like her sister did, so I thought better late than never. This girl is finishing up her teacher credential specializing in Special Education, so I thought something special was in order. To me, the colors of the blanket suggested an ocean themed applique, but she loves Cinderella, so that was the final decision. I'll be giving it to her tomorrow. I hope she likes it.

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Daughters Birthday gift
I just finished this wee sleeveless cardigan for my daughter. Pattern 199-41, Drops, in Baby Summer from Ice Yarns. This is lovely yarn to work with and I fell in love with the pattern

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I knitted these hand warmers with 100% Cheviot wool and crocheted the trim in purple Merino.
Thank you for looking

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yarn guide
anyone used one? I believe they stop the tangles when using two or more balls in colour work. Can they be used on the right hand with English style knitting?
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a few of my makes.
Just like to share a few of the things I have made recently..

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Grey Loom Bear
I just love knitting my loom Bear, the stitch it creates is very neat
and unique.

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Nako Mohair Special Romantic
Unit weight: 100 g (3.53 oz)

Content: 77% Acrylic,10% Mohair, 10% Wool, 3% Metallic

Knitting needles - 2.5 mm - 4 mm
Crochet hooks: 2.5 mm

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