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I love my Delmare shawl!
I recently finished Dee O'Keefe's Delmare shawl. I love using her patterns--they are so well-done. This was an easy knit and I did most of it while social knitting. I promised myself to find three colors in my stash to use for this. The white speckled color for the garter sections is a hand-dyed yarn from Black Cat fibers that I had purchased a few years ago while visiting my daughter in Wisconsin. The other two yarns are both from the Dyeing Arts, based in Omaha. You may recognize the sparkly green yarn as the one I used for the Pinewood shawl not long ago. I love how the colors worked together! I love the squishiness of the garter stitch areas! This shawl never had to go to "time out" due to behavior issues and I am really pleased with it. The blue yarn is a bit thicker than the other two, which might be a little obvious, but I'm ok with it.
Yarns chosen

Photo bomb by dogs

Squishy garter

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Looking for a pattern
Hi my daughter would like me to make a jumper for my gd, for Halloween. She wants to dress her up as DW from the Arthur books. I'm trying to find a seamless, free or low cost pattern, size 4. The ones I'm finding don't have the right shape or have seams or are way more than I want to spend. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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Squishy gift
Willow and Ty's mom gave three skeins of Premier Puzzle yarn in Domino color, 7ounces, 5 bulky weight. And one skein of Premier Serenity Chunky, 10.5 ounces, Cloud Dancer color, and 5 bulky weight.
I was so surprised. She gave me one use the yarn to make something for me. She knows me to well.
I have found a couple pattern possiblities. But down here in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas the weather is quite warm. But fall and winter can be occasionally chilly.
If you have any suggestions, please share.

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Basketweave mystery
I want to do this scarf basketweave pattern. I was wondering if any one has done it? It doesn't tell you how many stitches to cast on. Or am I missing something. It's a free pattern of raverly. Thank you

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I have added a bit of bling to him.

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Hat pattern (k)
I've started the brim for this hat, when I pick up the stitches for the crown it says to knit rib for 6", is the brim folded over because that seems a bit long, or am I missing something. Thank you

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Christmas ornaments k
Working on these for GD made them for her brother last yr
Love making them but so tedious to knit
Sorry photo not clear

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SSK means
Slip one at a time or slip two sts knitwise at same time?

Also in ssk, do u slip as if to knit and then move the two back to left needle, and then knit into back leg? or something else? ( I don't do some of this stuff often enough to remember. And I should have learned it fifty yrs ago when it did some good to learn😉

Thanks for your interest and answers
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Done in blanket yarn on 3mm & 4mm needles..........

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Ribber for side stitches
I have a Brother 270 and want to use my ribber to do side stitches while doing stockinette. This would stop the curl on a blanket. Too many years and I can't remember how I did this. Do you have some ideas or links? Thank you
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