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Jan 22, 2019
(knitting and crochet help/discussions)

Laramie finally finished, blocked, using.

A quick knit before school

Help!! Changing knitting styles

Anyone Know What This Is?

Pity party

WIPs and blocking question

Question about purling through back loop (PTBL)

Readin a Chart

How much

Who do ice yarns make for.

binding off shoulder stitches

Knitting slump broken

Lena Bs wrap

Is it possible--need help

INSO long alphabetical list of dish cloths. Thanks you found it !!

User-Submitted How-tos, Patterns, Tutorials

Grafting ends with double rib


help with crochet pattern

Hand knitting using Designaknit

(pics of finished and work-in-progress knitting/crochet projects)

Three of My Dee O'Keefe Shawls (K)

Baby Owl.

First crochet project

Some dolls who are going to new homes

More Hatss

Fair Isle Scarf finally with picture

Cable T-Shirt - Knitted

Socks to gloves

Projects completed on this cold snowy weekend

Instant Gratification Scarf

Hot off the needles

Another completed project

Its cold outside

Hats for Charities

Gesha Shoulder Cape

The original crocheted hat, my knit version.

Tilly's Knitted doll

Jo jo doll

Lovely Model - Thirteen Doctor Who Scarf

baby knits 12

Machine Knitting

Felted Bulky Machine Knit Hat - Toasty Warm

Sideway Hat

LK150 Knitting Machine - Extension vs. Conversion vs. Joining

Hat - thank you Helgajr1

Fishermans Rib

Introduce Yourself

Greetings Fellow Fiber-Crafters

Hello fellow knitters

I want to have the Irish knitting experience

Passap Duo 80 User

General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)

Medicine disposal.

What a day!! (Long Post,sorry)

Memory jogged by hairygrandma's post

This takes me back

Not ugly, just poor-January 22nd

You can almost smell them

Bounce is not just for the dryer!!

phone scam -Social Security


Identity Protector

Swaps, KALs, Periodicals, Group Activities

(a rerun) knitting tea party friday 4 january '19

(a rerun) Knitting Tea Party, Friday 11th January, 2019

(a rerun) knitting tea party friday 18 January '19

Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds

Raspberries and Lime Bandana Style Shawlette Hand Knit (by Me) in Linen and Wool Blend

SOLD. Beautiful toddler girl aran cardigan

FS: Vogue knitting Bags Two, 100 Crocheted Snowflakes and projects Snowflakes sold.

Want to buy Zermatt

FS: sold now. Knitted Boot Cuffs, still available Crocheted Afghans

SOLD Galler Yarns Tweedy Pima yarn for sale

Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles yarn for sale

Filatura Di Crosa Baby Zarella yarn for sale

Links and Resources

The Size (Diameter) of Your Cable Needle DOES Matter!

Baby Doll, Teddy Bear and Barbie clothes K and C

Warm and cozy slippers

About cables

Jeanie Shawl for Women (K)

Halo Shawl for Women (C)

Mini Nesting Baskets (C)

Fair Isle Rapids Scarf for Adults (K)

Dog sweater pattern

Granny Rectangle Scarf for Adults (C)

Pattern Requests

Corner2Corner afghan with delicate edging

Baseball, football, basketball

Need a Pattern please

Marilyn Monroe

Looking for knit pattern

Other Crafts

Question for polymer clay craftsters

making these for knitters craft rooms


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