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Social Sharing Buttons

This functionality should make it easier for you to save or share your topics (or other people's topics that you liked) with your inner circle outside of our forum. So there is no need to copy/paste the URL anymore when you want to send it to your followers.

You'll see the buttons: "Save", "Share", "Tweet" -- for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter respectively. Buttons are shown near the top-left corner of the page on the first page of every topic. Right below the topic's title.

Currently we have Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter buttons.

Pinterest button is only shown for topics that have a picture in the first post.

If you aren't sure what these are for (the whole pinning, sharing, tweeting thing), then don't worry about it. Forum functionality is not affected by these buttons in any way, and they are not required for the use of the forum. You can just continue using our forum as before.

If you don't use social networks or don't want those buttons to be shown, then click My Profile link at the top, scroll down to Custom View Settings, and enable "Hide social network sharing buttons" option.

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