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Summer Top - One of many patterns in Gabrielle's new book, "Lovely Lacy Knits"
Fjolla Pullover designed by Isabell Kraemer
Sway Line Slipover designed by Aneta Szydlak-Bleyer (knittingadventures on Ravelry)
Free Standing Lace
Stephenville Crossing Pullover designed by Jennifer Beale
Antler Peak Pullover designed by Kay Hopkins
Newborn hat & mittens, booties, size 2 sweater.
Yarn alpaca and silk love this pattern, sleeve length whatever I want, also torso length. Great neckline. I’ve made it 3 times now.
Delia Pullover designed by Irene Lin (irenelin1125 on Ravelry)
Plymouth Gina #0024
Tea Time Cardigan designed by Cristina Ghirlanda (minimi on Ravelry)
Big Steps designed by Jutta von Hinterm Stein (HintermStein on Ravelry)
Jackalynn Pullover designed by Heidi Kaiser (heikai on Ravelry)
Santiaguino Pullover designed by Beatriz Rubio (sambaknits on Ravelry)
Bloomsbury Kids Pullover #2 designed by Svetlana Volkova (tweedysheep on Ravelry)
Bloomsbury Kids Pullover designed by Svetlana Volkova (tweedysheep on Ravelry)
I have made a tutorial how to make a flowers frame for a mirror and it turned out super cute
cute baby cardigan for boys and girls
Kimmy modeling Afra Pullover designed by Irene Lin
machine knit and crochet
Top down, seamless pullover with short sleeves
Cozy pullover with hood and drawstring. Knit top-down and in-the-round.
Seamless, top-down pullover with chevron lace details and balloon sleeves
Hunbble Bubble light on ravelry. Yarn is Classic Bulky from Yarn Paradise
Three Irish Girls superwash merino and snap on Pom Pom
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