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This is another fantastic design by Irene Lin of Taiwan. Recently I finished her Rota Jumper with long sleeves. This one is literally flying off my needles since I have already memorized the very interesting eyelet stitch pattern which is common to both designs. If I knit this again, I would knit a size larger and maybe use one size larger needle so that I can wear the second one over a long sleeve top. However, this fitted version is perfect for summer, and I love how it turned out. I'm just wearing a nude color bra under it. The eyelets are not large enough to require anything else. The eyelets make it air-conditioned!

I'm not crazy about this yarn which is very splitty and not of uniform width. It varies from very thin (lace weight) to aran, but it seems to average out to about a DK weight. Nevertheless, it worked well for this project. I love the intense blue color which is not a solid color since two strands are royal blue and one strand is navy blue. It's a 3-ply yarn with very little twist to it.

For yarn, needle and other info, please see my Ravelry notes here.

The pattern may be purchased for $7.50 UDS here.


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Gorgeous. Thank you for the feedback on the pattern; I don’t often purchase a pattern, but I might consider it based on your comments!
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