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Dec 8, 2012 21:11:47   #
Barbara Ann
I figured I'd better start another thread so we don't lose any postings.

Welcome to the next chapter of the CWS!

I locked the other thread.
Dec 8, 2012 21:35:25   #
Ok, I am here. Almost got lost. Barb, the cowls are fun to do you will enjoy it. And they go quickly. Ok chicks, heading off to my chair and then off to bed. Finished cutting the bag and finish off the little one's hat. Chat in the am lovely chicks. Happy Trails. :D :D
Dec 8, 2012 21:35:38   #
Woo hoo! I'm here where is everyone??
Dec 8, 2012 21:42:47   #
I put a link on the end of the last thread, so latecomers will find us. God forbid we lose a Stickybeak along the way! :mrgreen:

Look at this picture I saw on Facebook!! Oh. My. Gosh. Don't you want to make these for every man in your life?
Dec 8, 2012 21:48:30   #
I got two loads of laundry done today, finished reading one of the final two chapters in my history textbook, took a quiz on Abraham Lincoln, then went for a run. By then it was nearly 4 pm so I thought it might be a good time to venture into town-- after all the hardy shoppers had dropped and/or gone home. And it was! I didn't run into any crowds or waiting, anywhere! Got my fabric and also enough stuff to finish stuffing all the Christmas stockings. I'm washing all the new fabric now.

This pre-washing is a process I love... I wash out all the formaldehyde from the Chinese printing and processing of the fabric, and the JoAnn's store SMELL, and then I get to lovingly press every piece and fold it in the little mini-bolts I store it in, wrapped around comic book boards. I just enjoy handling the fresh clean fabric. Yes... I know I have a problem.
Dec 9, 2012 01:52:19   #
Don't worry we all have our funny quirks!! LOL
Dec 9, 2012 06:15:12   #
val hynson
I forgot to tell you all yesterday that my Swap parcel has arrived, are my fingers ever itchy to open it!!lol
Thanks a million now waiting to hear when the day is when we all can open the parcels.
For the first time in two weeks we woke to sunshine and clear skies, but DH has manflu so ther is no laughter in this house today.
Maybe you remember some weeks ago I got a donation of yarn that came from a smokers house, well after weeks in the sunroom with the windows open wide24/7 and yesterdays time in the tumbledrier on a cold setting the yarn is now fit for use.Hope to knit some of the jumpers for Charity next
Dec 9, 2012 07:24:43   #
Well here I am yet again at 11pm at night... First cake is done but now the kitchen is covered with icing clean up time!!
Dec 9, 2012 07:27:22   #
val hynson
Better you than me.Tomorrow we are having a new loftladder put in, think we had best go out for the morning, hope Dh's man flu is better by then
Dec 9, 2012 07:34:25   #
sick husband!!!!! Is there anything worse!!
Dec 9, 2012 08:46:00   #
trasara wrote:
sick husband!!!!! Is there anything worse!!

I'd rather have had all the kids sick at once than one sick husband!

Time to get ready for church. It is now 40 degrees F. and going downhill all day. One forecast says down to 17, the other down to 12. I just hope we get some moisture out of this.
Started blocking stuff yesterday to pack and send in the next few days.
Stay warm, and have a fun day all.
Dec 9, 2012 09:20:31   #
Barbara Ann
Good morning CWS!
Thanks Bonnie for posting a link to find us, I didn't think of it.

Bonnie, no way would I knit those body sweaters. Even that is too much knitting for me! LOL Although, fun fur would be funny!

Making split pea soup today, from the ham bone and ham left over from dinner last night. Yummy. My split peas are soaking now.

I too have a bunch of blocking to do. Need to get that done.

Val, you can open your swap when you are ready, just can't post anything, or say who it is from until everyone has received. Then we do the big reveal.
Dec 9, 2012 09:52:43   #
Good morning all, a damp, grey day here in Va on the coast. Good day to stay. Think I will make beef stroganoff. Day day of sewing and finishing that little hat. I do not think I have ever made a hat that took so much time. Yeah, that body suit is weird. Not in my house. :x
Dec 9, 2012 10:29:44   #
Good morning Chicks! Val, sorry your husband is under the weather... hubbys are the biggest babies when they are sick. Never heard it called a manflu before. That's hilarious!

I can't wait til we all have our swaps and can share what everyone got/sent! Merry Christmas to us!

There is a Christmas program at church this morning and then I hope to get to a carol service at another church this evening. It's going to be a very Christmassy day!

I finished the last of the half fingers on Seth's half-finger gloves last night. One more present down. I will be making the pillowcases this afternoon and when they are done I'll take some photos of my gifts. Still so much more to do!

Same yucky damp gray weather here ladies, just too warm. I hope some cool dry air arrives soon. Check you later...
Dec 9, 2012 12:50:11   #
val hynson
Val, you can open your swap when you are ready, just can't post anything, or say who it is from until everyone has received. Then we do the big reveal.[/quote]

Thankyou , will wait til others decide they are opening their parcels .
You will all be glad to know that DH and his manflu are on the
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Resort Group Continuing Chat
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