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Dec 9, 2012 15:59:37   #
Barbara Ann
just checking in. soup smells so good! Can't wait to eat it.

Ok, back to my knitting!
Dec 9, 2012 16:17:08   #
val hynson
I need to make soup tomorrow, probably carrot and coriander, not very adventurous in the soup making but up here you sure need soup in the winter
Enjoy whats left of the weekend
Dec 9, 2012 16:49:59   #
Now I'm checking in... Barb your soup sounds great. I'm munching on some leftover spaghetti made with venison meat. Pretty darned good!

I'm still pressing my fabrics and cutting for pillowcases. Almost ready to sew! I had dh model Seth's gloves for a picture, and will post with the pillowcases and a hat for SIL soon.

Tomorrow is our Silver Sneakers Christmas party... We are having lunch at a restaurant and then will play some funny games and draw for door prizes. It should be fun, but it means I have to go early and help decorate tables at the restaurant. Christmas is just around the corner!
Dec 9, 2012 16:51:34   #
A quick good morning to you all! I am starting 2 hours late today as I am staying back at work for 2 hours due to the graduation party for the little ones going to Big school and their families.Then I am off to have a bit more Blonde added to my quickly greying hair!! Hope you all had a great day I have spent nearly the whole weekend singing along to Christmas CDS they sure do lift your spirits.
Dec 9, 2012 17:37:06   #
Hey all, soup would be good except it is so warm here. Finished that Button Slouch hat. Not sure If I like it, but I am at the point of whatever, either it fits or not. Getting dinner ready. Check in later chicks.
Dec 9, 2012 19:14:17   #
Hi all. Found my way here... Been down with a migraign but did at least get the ds his bd cake made ... Think itcwasthis yucky weather front on top of too much activity yesterday

Oh well... Going to try to knit a little in A bit
Dec 9, 2012 19:47:52   #
Finished sewing for today... Here are the pillowcases I made for the gang:
Luke's and Seth's pillowcases (just noticed I photographed them upside down!)
Luke's and Seth's pillowcases (just noticed I phot...
Danny's and Audrey's pillowcases
Danny's and Audrey's pillowcases...
All of them ready to wrap!
All of them ready to wrap!...
Dec 9, 2012 19:51:42   #
OSG sorry you have a migraine. Bummer. Hope you have medicine for that.

Tracy I've had Christmas music on all afternoon while I sewed, too. I finally found the right internet station. It's on Live 365 and it's called Christmas Breezes. It's all instrumental. Love it.

Sophie got into a carcass out in the woods. Deer, no doubt... Yuck. It would be funny if I wasn't the one who had to bathe her and try to get the stink off.
Dec 9, 2012 19:55:02   #
Here are the half-fingered mitts. DH modeled for me, and his fingers are so thick you can hardly see that the mitts have fingers, LOL! But they do...

And I made this hat for Danny.

Going now to start a cowl and hat for Audrey out of quickie huge yarn.
Half Finger Mitts for Seth
Half Finger Mitts for Seth...

Hat for Danny
Hat for Danny...
Dec 9, 2012 23:56:53   #
wow you are on a roll now Bonnie, Sorry you are feeling unwell
osg but the cake looks great.
Dec 10, 2012 00:16:18   #
Bonnie the yarn for the gloves is really nice good for a guy but not boring.
Dec 10, 2012 01:42:50   #
trasara wrote:
Bonnie the yarn for the gloves is really nice good for a guy but not boring.

Thanks. It was a very old skein of Socka I had... from before Fortissima bought them out and it became Fortissima Socka. I have some oldies in my sock yarn stash.
Dec 10, 2012 07:10:09   #
Good morning ladies from a very cold Kansas. It is 15 degrees F. outside with a -2 windchill. No moisture yet.
OSG, hope your migraine is gone this am.
Bonnie, your sewing and knitting are just super. Loved those fingerless mitts. I need to try to do those.
I think I blocked the last of my knitting; will take them off the board today.
Tracey, I'm the only one in our small group that has not colored the gray away. The Bible says gray hair is a sign of glory and wisdom. So I'm keeping mine, lol.
Dec 10, 2012 07:57:58   #
Morning...& no I am gracefully embracing my white hair...seems I am bypassing grey for white...

Feeling better... As usual, once the front actually hits, the headache dissapates with the rain...

I am a walking baramater (spelling)

Love those gloves by the way... I should've just hired all you ladies to do my gifts... Such nice things you all have made... Me? I have just wasted my time working, to make money, to spend on stuff not nearly as nice, as I have no time to knit, because I am too busy working....
Dec 10, 2012 07:59:18   #
Oh! And those cases are the bomb! (quote from dd)
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