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New Needles
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Jan 11, 2013 08:44:31   #
I just bought a Knitters Pride Nova circular needle yesterday. LOVE it and the cord is soooo flexible. I have bamboo circular needles and the cords are stiff and tangle. I find them very hard to work with. I liked this one so much I thought I would try the Knit Picks Try it Set. I can't hardly wait for them to get here so I can try them out.
Jan 11, 2013 09:50:03   #
Yarn Happy (a regular here)
Congrats, I just love getting new tools.
Jan 12, 2013 03:17:42   #
I bid and got a 32 inch Hiya Hiya 0000 1.25mm circular last Saturday (1-5-2013). I had to match the 5 DPN and the circular 18 UK of the same size. NOW I can officially start the thread weight socks! <G>
Jan 12, 2013 08:27:07   #
What are thread weight socks?
Jan 12, 2013 08:30:42   #
I have 2 sets of Boye (yeah, I know, not the greatest, but the price was right) cables and just got a set of Harmony. What a difference!! Magic Loop knitting on the Harmonies is fabulous; the cables are super flexible and wood is luscious. The Boyes?? You get what you pay for.
Jan 12, 2013 08:41:05   #
Congratulations! I have knitters pride nova Interchangeables and could not be happier. I started with the sample needles and then chose the nova because they hollow steel felt great to me. I got the short needle set because I am usually knitting small stuff. I feel Knitters Pride joins stand up to the pricier needles.
Jan 12, 2013 11:42:01   #
I love my Harmonies. I just got Sunstrucks so I can see darker yarns better. They are the best needles I have ever had.
Jan 12, 2013 11:57:50   #
I bought the Knit Picks 'try me' set last year.. so glad I did.. each needle has its place and best use even though I use the Harmony the most. I just last week picked up the Knitters Pride 'try me' set and am using the Dreamz size US6 on my lace project. Its just as nice as the Harmony.. I have US7 in cubic's... I can't wait to try it.. I'm going to play with it now since I will be needing that size with my next project.. both Knit Picks and Knitters Pride call their aluminum needles NOVA... I can't help but think these two company's are connected some how.. I had my LYS order the set for me.. I got a discount and it was only $20.00 for the set.. that included 3 needles, end caps, cables and cable key's.. the best part it both sets are interchangeable so I can do a lot with what I have.. I would really like to order some sunstruck.. I'm just not sure what size yet..
Jan 12, 2013 13:50:52   #
I do like to try all sorts of needles - went through a phase last year of acrylic straights and then onto interchangeables - a girl can never have enough sets of needles now can she?
Jan 12, 2013 13:52:49   #
No, a girl can never have too many. And the most expensive ones are cheaper than golf clubs. Lol
Jan 12, 2013 14:20:45   #
That's hilarious!
Jan 12, 2013 14:22:12   #
Except the most expensive ones, Signature, don't even compare to the cheaper knit picks. Very disappointed as I really like the tips. The cable is horrible. Did anyone else ever try the Signature needles? How do you like the cables?
Jan 12, 2013 14:24:12   #
I can't afford a set of anything right I try and pick up individually as I can for now, however, I have looked at a webvsite about circulars and they questioned if I was looking for solid or hollow cables on my circulars. I didn't even know there were hollows and which is best on circulars? I am thinking hollow sound more flexiblew. Is this what comes with the better setsw of interchangeables?
Jan 12, 2013 14:24:53   #
I have one signature circular and the cable is incredibly flexible. I find the needles slippery but I bought them to make a lace shawl that I haven't started yet so I might change my mind.
Jan 12, 2013 14:29:02   #
HI! and thanks. Where did you find individual Signature circulars. My lys is long gone in my area and only have Craft stores and they don't offer muxch selection at all. :-)
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