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knitting in lace
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Jan 18, 2013 11:48:09   #
Would like to try knitting in lace but not able to find the lace. Any suggestions as to where I might find it. Thanks
Jan 18, 2013 11:55:20   #
There is loads on eBay called 'eyelet lace'.

Vickie xox
Jan 19, 2013 05:38:28   #
Are you looking for lace patterns?
Jan 19, 2013 07:29:22   #
vickles wrote:
Would like to try knitting in lace but not able to find the lace. Any suggestions as to where I might find it. Thanks

Hi vickles,

Dragonflylace here,

I am teaching workshops on lace knitting here on KP. You can find the workshops under "Knitting and Crochet Workshops with Designer1234". This is found under "All Sections" on the main menu.

{You can subscribe to this heading by going to "My Profile" on the main index at the top of the page. Just hit "subscribe" and the next time you go to KP, it will be on your main page.}

You will see two workshops being taught. #6 is preparations for lace knitting and #11 is the first full project called Winter's Mirage - the beginning class. ALL workshops in this part of KP are permanent and the information will always be there for you to reference.

#6 Preparation teaches basic stitches used in Lace knitting and motifs or squares to try the stitches and techniques. There are about 5 different mini-projects to learn lace knitting. The main objective is to learn to knit from a chart. I use color-coding and a unique approach to learning lace knitting that everyone can try and enjoy. It removes all fears from lace knitting.

#11 Winter's Mirage is a beginning lace shawl in the Estonian style. You will be able to knit this scarf/shawl even if you have never knitted lace before. You don't have to finish #6 before #11 workshop (it is fun to do the practices), but I taught Winter's Mirage as if you have never done chart/lace knitting before.

There is no sign up, just click in and take part. The Winter's Mirage is currently open and the Preparation Class is closed, BUT all the information is there and you can get in touch with me with any questions.

Hope you will take a look at all the workshops on Knitting and Crochet Workshops! Hope to see you there!

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