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Pattern Requests
Knitting pattern for baby Mickey/Minnie Mouse needed NOT Crochet
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Jan 24, 2013 15:16:22   #
Hi There! I love this site and I have been a lurker until now ;-) This is my first post. Please can anyone point me to a Pattern for a baby of Mickey/Minnie Mouse knitting pattern of a hat with ears a diaper/nappy cover booties maybe gloves? I have a crochet picture but I can't Crochet! I need something Knitted? I can make bootees/shoes and cloves but I could do with the rest. Any Ideas anyone?! Thanks! XX

Jan 24, 2013 15:24:36   #
How cute is this little baby.
I have not found a pattern for Micky or Minnie yet. I have been looking for over a year. At the library there are stacks and stacks of book with patterns for everything. I just have not gotten through the whole area yet.
Jan 24, 2013 15:29:19   #
I have some in my raverly
Jan 24, 2013 15:43:18   #
Don't know if this will do but it is a crochet site for graphs.
I would think looking at the beautiful items younposted you could do this.
She has graphs and says you can crochet, tunisian, knit, embroidery.

Jan 24, 2013 15:45:22   #
the site is mckcreations and go to must haves at bottom and page 2
Jan 24, 2013 16:44:53   #
Jan 25, 2013 01:48:06   #
You can knit what you have as long as the gauge matches and the yarn listed on a crochet pattern, to be knitted has to be one lighter than yarn listed.
Pattern Requests
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