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Charts vs written instructions
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Apr 14, 2013 07:24:25   #
hi detest charts as well only use written instructions
Apr 14, 2013 07:28:33   #
I prefer the written instructions as I have trouble following a chart. Seems I never seem to know exactly where to begin and end each segment. No matter how much I like the look of a pattern I will not start knitting it if it`s charted...too darned frustrating for me. I like to knit to relax rather than to become frustrated.
Apr 14, 2013 07:29:51   #
I also do not like charts. One thing I do to all patterns is make a copy and the I can mark it up all I want and still have a clean pattern for my files.
Apr 14, 2013 07:36:42   #
Glennis wrote:
I prefer the written instructions.
I use a pencil as I go so I know where I am.

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Apr 14, 2013 07:37:45   #
I used to knit only with written instructions, but having taken a class in using charts I found out the chart really helped me to learn to READ my knitting. If you can read your knitting you can use charts or the written out instructions. Note, sometimes there can be a typo in the written instructions and this is another time when the charts may prove to be correct or vice versa when one of them has a mistake. There is a very good reference book on reading charts for knitting by JC Briar.Look for it at your local library or some of the great on line book shops such as Amazon. I think you will find it very helpful as she is very good at explaining everything including the symbols used in most charts.
Apr 14, 2013 07:46:44   #
Consensus is more people prefer written instructions. I also prefer to have them written out. I cannot keep track of the pattern on charts. So those who write knitting patterns need to take heed.
Apr 14, 2013 07:50:32   #
Charts! I also "translate" text into charts.
Apr 14, 2013 07:52:55   #
Charts all the way for me. In fact I won't buy a complicated pattern written out, if I really want to make it, I'll buy the written one, then chart it. If the symbols seem odd (ie unfamiliar), I will write what they are next to the chart. If the chart is small (as I age, they all seem too small now) I will enlarge it. With a stick-it note, i can keep tract of where I am and also write on the note.
Apr 14, 2013 07:53:42   #
knitwitty (a regular here)
I will "translate" the chart into written instructions, don't know why when I can obviously read the chart if I am transposing to written, just feel more comfortable with written.
Apr 14, 2013 07:59:14   #
Love charts. Discovered this doing Dragonflylace's Winter's Mirage and am now doing her Spring's Dance. I looked at the written pattern and shuddered. Her method of teaching charts worked for me and taught me to read my work.
Apr 14, 2013 07:59:53   #
Rusty's Mom
Written instructions for me. I don't use charts because they are confusing to me. I have seen a few and I purchased a beautiful cape from a site called Fiddlesticks Knitting and when I opened the package, I was surprised to see that the pattern they sent was a series of charts. I couldn't figure it out. I still have this pattern. One day I will get someone to help me put it into words. Written instructions for me!
Apr 14, 2013 08:05:57   #
I remember when knitting charts became popular and didn't think they were for me. Now I won't go back to written instructions. A good chart will look like the pattern it's creating, something I find very helpful, and most of the basic symbols should be fairly intuitive since they resemble the stitch that is being created. As both a knitter and designer, I find that charts provide a concise and straightforward way to convey a pattern.
Apr 14, 2013 08:07:53   #
I also transcribe charts to written directions. My eyes aren't as good as they once were and I have trouble losing my place with charts, even when I use my magnetic board.
Apr 14, 2013 08:14:57   #
I'm with Jessica-Jean. I convert written patterns into charts! For me, it is easier to "see" the pattern, anticipate the next row and fix the error in the previous row.
Suzy-Kate is also right that it is confusing when the symbols are t universal, and the same symbol means something different in many patterns. My solution? I change the awkward symbols into familiar ones.
Apr 14, 2013 08:15:36   #
I prefer written, the charts are confusing to me. I know how to read them just is easier for me with the written ones.
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