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Jul 8, 2013 00:30:15   #

I would just measure her head.. take that chevron pattern you have been making and use one of these patterns to get the dimensions.. and have a go at it. .can't take more than a couple of hours to make..
Jul 8, 2013 00:31:07   #
onesoutherngal wrote:
yes..except I don't know tunisen (spelling)

It's a combination of knitting and crocheting.. just keeping the stitches live on the crochet hook..
Jul 8, 2013 00:31:10   #
grrrr my antivirus program hates that link....

I will keep searching....I am sure its been done and I just haven't found it yet...
Jul 8, 2013 00:32:33   #
Pls OSG.. you don't need a pattern..

Just do what you are doing.. stop when you reach her measurements and decrease toward the end and sew a button on it!!!
Jul 8, 2013 00:34:32   #
I saved the ooh la la link...I like that one...but not for the chevron...

I want simpler stitches..but I might use that as a starting point and do a different stitch pattern....

if I double the strands and edge it right, maybe it won't roll...
Jul 8, 2013 00:36:02   #
knittingneedles wrote:
Pls OSG.. you don't need a pattern..

Just do what you are doing.. stop when you reach her measurements and decrease toward the end and sew a button on it!!!

:hunf: I know...its just it is her vision, not mine,...I am not into it yet (sigh)
Jul 8, 2013 00:36:54   #
If it's her vision.. let her make it!!! :)
Jul 8, 2013 00:39:25   #

I did tell her to sew herself up one...but she has blown so much money at JoAnn's on her current sewing projects, she said she will have to make some plain ones first with her scraps, lol

she has been sewing up a storm tho...that was money well spent:)
Jul 8, 2013 01:30:35   #
That's cool.. maybe it's better she doesn't learn to knit and crochet.. that will cost even more...
Jul 8, 2013 01:35:38   #

I have just ventured out into the other threads...wonder if I will get hate posts? seems every time I ever dare to wander out there I get pounced upon...
Jul 8, 2013 02:31:54   #
I stay away.. was invited to a thread.. and participated for a while.. but I really enjoy ours.. and you guys are my friends.. I don't need anymore really.. here and there I come across a nice person. But there are so many others who aren't nice at all.. remember how in the beginning we had people come and go and say nasty things.. they are up to that.. so many people enjoy harassing them..
I am thrilled Bonnie came up with our own section.. no one has bothered us in a long time.. Just the way I like it.
It's late so I'll say good night.. It's even later by you..
Jul 8, 2013 03:44:30   #
I'm sure you will work it out Osg, I'm not into designing I like to just follow a pattern so I am no help to you!
Very cute little sock Nina I hope you make it's partner!
Bonnie show us a photo of the afghan so we can see all the hard work especially if you plan to frog it!
Jul 8, 2013 07:50:15   #
This is what i have been working on. The bottom is a picot edge.
The second picture is the little jacket it is a patons pattern about 20 years old one i've had since j was a baby.

Jul 8, 2013 08:32:32   #
Good morning everyone. Gosh, beautiful quilts, shorts and baby chicks have been busy. I have been busy with kids coming to visit. Now they are all home. Tired. Not getting alot of knitting done the last few days. Started another cowl for Christmas, but that is it. Hope that everyone has a great day. :-D
Jul 8, 2013 14:23:18   #
val hynson
NowI knw why I just couldn't find you, seem to have missed a lot over the weekend. Bonnie that's a beautiful quilt, andI really lie the shorts, good choice of colours in the fabrics.
Nina is the case packed ready for th flight, love the sock, think We need one time on Skype while you teach me to knit socks
OSG I am knitting a blanket, using up allthe scraps of Aran yarn, I will be glad when it's done as its so heavy
I think I am nw down fom the clouds as Scot Andy Murray won the Men's championship at Wimbledon, it was amazing what little I saw, spent most of the time in the garden knitting as every time I watched the TV Andy was losing. Great day and a lot f smiling faces in town today
Barbara, by ne you will be packed and ready fot your trip, have a restful time , we will be thinking of you
Bitsey, thinking of you and sending prayers and good thoufpghts to you
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