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Jul 8, 2013 14:26:29   #
val hynson
Tracy the white jacket is beautiful as is the the one on the needles.
Jul 8, 2013 14:50:30   #
Love the sweater! It is beautiful!

Me? Am stopping by Joann's to buy supplies for a road trip... Need some brown yarn to add to my stash colors...

Bits, it is good to hear from you!
Jul 8, 2013 15:13:46   #
Hey guys, I am running around but always have a minute to say hi to my buds!!!

I haven't even started packing but need to run out.. send package to florida (way too expensive to take with me)... mani pedi of course, last minute things.. cook for Kal for when he is alone.. (poor dear!! :) )

Val, my pleasure to show you how to knit socks. .we can do it from Florida... just have to get together..

BITS!!!! So good to hear from you!!!!!

Bye kids, got to run out now...

Flight at 8:30am tomorrow.. and again I miss the opportunity to hang with Liat Gat of KnittingFreedom... ugh.. she will be in town tomorrow night!!! UGH UGH UGH.. maybe next time..
Jul 8, 2013 15:26:22   #
val hynson
Nina we will all be waiting for the news that the baby has arrived, safe flight or is it flights
I will be ready for the lesson soon, have some more baby clothes to knit
Jul 8, 2013 15:36:22   #
Oh, Nina, I think you will have a good time on your trip. I think in a half an hour it will be news time and so I will take a moment to see what is happening in the world....scary huh! :D :D later chicks.
Jul 8, 2013 16:14:27   #
val hynson
Bitsy how right you are there are so many bad things happening in the world these days, it is scary
Jul 8, 2013 16:40:21   #
Hi Girls!

Love the white sweaters Tracy. So pretty and feminine. Did you make the original one when J was a baby?

Good to hear from you, Bits. Keep those needles clacking, Chick. Praying for all good days for you!

I would think you could crochet a chevron headband easier than knit it, if it's to be two colors. Just use the method used for ripple afghans, in the width you want. Deal with the flower, after.

Hope Barb is having a good flight experience today. I personally hate dealing with airlines and TSA Nazis, so I hope their flights are pleasant and over with quick. Then the beautiful ocean and beaches await them...

Safe travels and good experiences to you too, Nina. Soon you will be holding your first sweet little grandbaby! EEEK! How amazing is THAT?

Too late for pictures on my afghan with the grannies in it. I just couldn't get it to work right so I ripped them back out last night and just resumed the plain ripple. I like it. I still have those grannies and can do something else with them later. (Watch out for granny potholders in the mail...LOL!) Actually was thinking about that cute pencil cup OSG posted on our group Pinterest board.

Chat more later...
Jul 8, 2013 23:10:40   #
Bonnie no I have made others in this book. I remember starting it but I wouldn't have had the concentration back then to get into the pattern. So I never did make it.
Jul 8, 2013 23:38:15   #
Made it only by angels...electrical system went out on car, but was able to still drive as it happened while on road??? Idk... Made it to autozone ( thankfully while rain held off because no lights, signals, windows, or wipers)...& car went dead in parking lot...and I mean DEAD

Seems wire from car's "brain" decided to burn out

Thankfully this happened in hometown so sil came and got me

Will deal with getting it hauled to shop tomorrow as this was all just after closing time of course

Mom is responding well to steroids... All rev'd up and ready to talk all nite (sigh)

(All prayers appreciated, lol)
Jul 9, 2013 02:31:58   #
Oh Osg it always seems to happen just when you don't need it to!!At least you are safe and sound!
Jul 9, 2013 02:34:36   #
Glad your Mum is doing a bit better!
Jul 9, 2013 02:40:09   #
Wow I haven't been on pintrest in a while you have all been busy adding to our Yarn board .....Thanks for all the great ideas!
Jul 9, 2013 19:30:54   #
Hey everybody...

Quiet day here, with Barb and Nina traveling... OSG, at least you made it to the service station and your Mom seems to be feeling a little better. Hope you can get down there soon, tho.

Nuthin' new here, really... just popping in to say hello to whoever is reading today!

I'm supposed to be reconciling the checkbook and paying bills, but as you see... I'm procrastinating. Bad me.
Jul 9, 2013 23:28:06   #
Procrastinating is probably my worst habit, I waste so much time!Hope everyone has safely arrived at their destinations.
It's a quiet day here.
Jul 10, 2013 23:41:57   #
wow!24 hours and nobody has been by! i'm lonely..
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