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Jul 12, 2013 16:28:39   #
So weird..

The socks are exactly the same size but it must have been the angle of the camera that made them seem different.. Measure to measure they are exactly the same.

Nothing as glamourous as Bonnie's afghan.. but it's what I do..

Used leftover yarns.. itty bitty bits ...

Jul 12, 2013 17:10:16   #
val hynson
So cute Nina I can't knit sox
Jul 12, 2013 18:04:01   #
such cute socks

I am supposed to be looking at recipes for inspiration....wonder how come I am here? lol

I have left the shawl to work on a hat for while...but will soon be back to the shawl....

I have to admit tho...I have already flagged five projects in the pattern books I checked out today...this was a noro book, but I will use yarn from my stash....
Jul 12, 2013 18:34:58   #
recipes? You know that is my word of choice.. so if you need any help with recipes.. just ask me..
Jul 12, 2013 19:47:57   #
Morning all,
Bonnie your Blanket is turning out just great! I can see why you are chewing through the yarn it is big! Great pattern!
Nina your little socks are so sweet they will be so cute on your grandson!
Bits glad to here you are having a good day and feeling well.
Planning things to knit is half the fun OSG!
Jul 12, 2013 20:30:31   #
knittingneedles wrote:
recipes? You know that is my word of choice.. so if you need any help with recipes.. just ask me..

Just threw together some hamburger steaks& veggies... More yarn time that way:)

And just frogged the hat... Just didn't like it... The yarn was too yummy for that pattern...
Jul 12, 2013 20:34:03   #
I need to get the rest of my house sorted this weekend as it is starting to get to me I have piles of stuff to find new homes, donate or haven't put away as I need to sort the cupboards first. Clutter drives me mad after a while. I must be nesting I have been doing the same thing to my kitchen at work!!!! I'm crazy!!
Jul 12, 2013 22:00:58   #
Ugh! So I am now crocheting a hat... And it is too small...

T... I am trying to get my family to help in some decluttering too... But it is big stuff that I can't lift by myself... So far they are not on board...
Jul 12, 2013 22:20:50   #
My girls don't want me to do their rooms , scared I'll throw their crap out so at least they do that them selves.
Jul 13, 2013 00:48:20   #
Nina, the little socks are adorable. I have tons of small balls I have saved to do a sock yarn blankie one day... I may as well knit little socks with them. So how many pairs of socks does this little fella have now?

I made up some crab cakes for our dinner tonight. Just found "Maryland Crab Cakes" online and it was a good recipe. Plenty left for tomorrow, too. Hallelujah.

Charles and I watched a really good movie tonight. It's called "Here Comes the Boom" with Kevin James and Henry Winkler. I highly recommend it. It's clean and fun and very inspiring. I wish there were more movies like that! You can get it at a Red Box.

I also picked up "Identity Thief". We'll watch that tomorrow night.

Goodnight ladies~!
Jul 13, 2013 03:04:28   #
I enjoyed Identity Thief it is just a bit of fun but you can't take your eyes off Melissa McCarthy although there is a very naughty bit in it! So be warned.

So I got the dish washer cleaned out then ended up going out to look at some lounge room furniture but not after having to go to another car yard!!
Jul 13, 2013 07:34:08   #
I got spoilt tonight Hubby cooked Roast pork , Roast potatoes and Roast pumpkin with snow peas, Apple sauce and gravy. Can't forget the crackling(bad for you but tastes so good!!). Then I watched Letters to Juliet, It was a lovely feel good movie!
Jul 13, 2013 09:47:28   #
Good morning!

Tracy, Is Letters to Juliet a recent movie or an oldie? Haven't heard of it before.

Melissa McCarthy is so cute... thanks for the warning about the naughty bit!

Glad you finally got away from the car lots! LOL.

I'm off in a bit to one class at the gym. Not sure what I will do with the rest of this beautiful day. Luke is meeting up with a friend and going into D.C. today, to see the sights on his last day up there.... Seth is planning an elaborate day for his best friend today, culminating with a huge surprise birthday party this evening. And I'm counting down 2.5 weeks until Audrey and Danny are here. I'd better get used to cooking more food!

I'm trying not to notice that my house needs to be vacuumed.

Later, Chicks...
Jul 13, 2013 10:00:38   #
Tracy, in the USA we call those movies, Chick Flicks!!! but aren't you lucky Matt cooked!! Kal says he can cook, but he can't

I only made one pair so far of baby socks.. but he got (at his shower) a bunch of machine socks that look like shoes, sneakers, flip flops.. etc.. but so far he only has one pair of handknit.. It takes seconds (well, you know what I mean!!) to make them and you don't need fancy stitches since there really is no room for them.. I learned three new techniques doing them..

Judy's magic cast on, sweet tomato heel, and invisible (tubular) bind off. So I liked that.. funny that I caught on to the tubular bind off faster than I did the kitchener stitch..

I was thinking of making a bunch of socks like that everytime it comes along (meaning leftover bits of yarn)and if I end up with no baby or toddler to give them too.. I would donate them.. I told you about the woman on the ship (she was the hostess, worked on the ship) she adopted a school in Africa and supplies them, she saw me making socks and said they need socks cause they use them and only get one pair if they are that's on my agenda at some point.

Poor Mel, she is so ready to pop.. but the little guy seems so comfortable, he doesn't seem to want to come meet the rest of us yet.. Her due date is next Saturday and if she doesn't have him by then, the dr said they will induce her the week after.. and she is "nesting" I vacuumed (bagged) a batch of quilts and extra pillows she had stockpiled in the guest room..but she doesn't have much room to store things.. (well she does but it's all full!)

I think I can watch the movie on Xfinity.. I think I saw it.. so maybe this afternoon I will.

OSG, you got to get your act together with that hat!!! :) or you'll make yourself nuts!!! But the burgers were genius.. they love them and they are quick!! Especially if you have someone else man the BBQ!!!!

Well, breakfast time... see ya later
Jul 13, 2013 10:18:02   #
Good morning! The movie was made in 2010 so fairly recent. It is set in Italy the scenery is just beautiful!
Yes I escaped the car yards and got to the furniture store. Saw a coffee table side tables an tv unit that we liked lucky we have the same taste in funiture so no arguements there!! We need to check the measurements.
Matt cooked it all in the bbq, but still managed to make a mess in the kitchen. But he washed up so its all good!
I hope the bub arrives soon, being overdue is no fun.
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