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Nov 30, 2013 17:37:28   #
Wow everyones swaps are lovely!! What great friends we all are!
Nov 30, 2013 17:42:32   #
I LOVE all these packages we have sent each other! Lots of love went into each one...

And the fun just keeps on coming! Look what was in the mailbox today (Val mailed it seperately). She saved the best for last! Thank you Val, I love it. Danny (SIL) could identify all of these characters on the cover without looking inside!
Knit Your Own Scotland! LOL...
Knit Your Own Scotland!  LOL......
Nov 30, 2013 17:43:33   #
Val, thanks for telling me the facecloth is of the British Isles... makes perfect sense now! I thought it was a mama and baby cat!
Nov 30, 2013 17:44:09   #
I'm going to have to knit a Nessie and a Scotty, for sure!
Nov 30, 2013 18:03:51   #
Tracy, just enjoy that sharpie! :roll:

Well, here in the U.S. it was "Small Business Appreciation Day". Did you all go buy something from a small business today? I did! I shopped at Repeat Street and bought two chairs and some clothes, and then bought a table from a man at the local flea market. (We have been looking at that table for weeks, as we needed a bigger one in the kitchen...) He gave me a good price today!

The malls just can't compare to the fun of the resale shops and flea markets, IMO!
Nov 30, 2013 18:18:36   #
Here is the scarf I made with the soft squishy yarn OSG sent me!

Nov 30, 2013 18:27:14   #
Wow that really was a fast knit Nina! Great job!
Nov 30, 2013 18:32:44   #
It looks so soft! Great job

I love the book Val sent

And trace... The white choc are my faves...

(Are your families as jealous as mine? Ds thinks he should get to open one of his gifts, lol)

Bon....I am chuckling that it seems someone DID drop an extra happy in a box by accident... Hahaha!

We are too funny!
Nov 30, 2013 19:28:00   #
It's a really simple knit. First was I gonna make it for someone in LA but then I thought, No I want to keep it.. so there you have it. I wasn't sure of the color, but once the scarf was done, it really looks great. Thank you OSG!!

I love those pretzels too surprise they survived till Trac took a pix.:)
Nov 30, 2013 23:17:35   #
That's a really yummy looking scarf... and a great color, too!

Well, it's that time again. Time to start a new thread and close this one, as we are on page 99. All our pictures really zoomed us through the final pages! I'll set it up and post the link to it. You can keep talking there...
Nov 30, 2013 23:20:09   #
Here's the link:

Tomorrow morning I will lock this thread and we will talk over there...
Dec 1, 2013 02:31:26   #
val hynson
onesoutherngal wrote:
The hank....

Great job on the cathedral hat! That is a pretty yarn too.

Val will look so prettyin those colors

You should of heard the screams of delight when I saw the Cathedral hat.....ooooh
Dec 1, 2013 15:22:32   #
Loved everyone's swaps. Bonnie sent me a lovely package even though I was not in the swaps. But the small grandchildren saw that Bonnie sent gingebread peeps...well, you can kiss those goodbye. And the daughters did attack a box of Chai tea. They did leave me some for today though. I have wicked children and grands. Hopefully I will be in the next swap and I get to "play". Ok, darlings...shower is over and now it is Nap time. Check in tomorrow. Love to all. :D
Dec 1, 2013 15:30:04   #
Glad you got it, Bits! Wanted you to be a part of what we are sharing... I hope the mug made it in one piece?

Ok Chicks, I am going to lock this thread now so we don't exceed our 99 pages, and we'll move over to this new thread to chat:
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Resort Group Continuing Chat
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