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Dec 4, 2013 19:29:11   #
Hey chicks... computer problems. Our wifi won't connect at all and the main desktop is acting like it has a virus AGAIN. This is after buying new Norton software just a couple of months ago... grrr. It only connects sometimes. Hate it. I can't even read my email except on my phone.

Barb, glad you had fun with your sisters and nieces. Sounds like they are the medicine you needed!

I'm quilting and trying to get hubby's second clog knit. I also need to put all the eyes, etc. on those angry bird hats I made so I can deliver them to the kids at the hospital. I want to take in a load of hats and quilts before Christmas. I have 3 'I Spy' quilts ready, but want to take 10-12. So I keep plugging.

Tomorrow we are going to see the surgeon, to discuss hubby's upcoming surgery. It can't come soon enough!
Dec 4, 2013 20:39:53   #
oh bon...hate that for you

hope you get finished with all your to do list

I need to get back to mine...I think I am trying to hit burn out from just flat out overdoing!
Dec 4, 2013 21:18:08   #
HI everyone, I haven't been on for a few days I haven't had time to take a breath(Must mean S is home LOL) I have been busy with cakes for the kids going off to Big school. As well as the usual running around trying to finish getting the decorations up as well as ironing the 4 baskets of clothes that keep growing. On top of that dd decided that she would put a music degree down as an option at university In case she doesn't get into the others. But it meant lots of running around photocopying school reports music reports and awards. She decided this Monday night and has to do an audition this afternoon. It definitely is the crazy season.
It's great that you had a good time with your family Barb it sound like just what you needed.
Bonnie it's so frustrating when the computer plays up!
Dec 4, 2013 22:40:46   #
glad to hear from you trace...was wondering where you were...

sounds like everyone has a full schedule!

alberta, I emailed the pattern...let me know if it went thru okay or if I need to try again

I am a novice at writing patterns for others, so let me know if I need to clarify anything...

(if anyone else wanted it, pm me....I don't mind sharing)
Dec 4, 2013 23:06:59   #
Hi guys, it's freezing here, at least for me. Yesterday we went out and got 2 space heaters to warm up our offices. Don't need to warm up the whole house since we don't hang out everywhere during the day.

Good to hear from you Barb.. so happy you had a good thanksgiving with family. Sounds like you are doing OK.

My mom wanted me to make her shawl longer in the back???? Wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, she sent it back to me and I had to take out the crochet edge we made all around the shawl. So now I am just garter stitching a longer back without touching the sides or front. Have no idea how it's going to come out. I think once it's done I might have to short row on either side to make it look like something normal. We shall see. Good thing I have tons of yarn left from it. So entrelac on one side and part of the back and plain stitching on the back. Oh well.

I want to get back to my sweater.
Dec 5, 2013 08:57:01   #
Thanks OSG. Did it go to my new email addy?
Dec 5, 2013 13:23:39   #
Barbara Ann
Hello CWS. Slow day for me. Did a little knitting, but is so gloomy out today I just don't feel like doing anything. I slept quite a bit this morning. I still tend to do that. Oh well. I started the first of the five scarves. Finished the mitts for my daughter last night. The pattern for the scarves goes quickly so I think I can knock them out in a timely manner. Then the socks. I have tons of sock yarn, so there won't be a yarn issue there for sure. I will need to get some decent buttons for the scarves, but that will be my excuse to go to Webs. I haven't been there in almost a year!!

Hope everyone has a great day. :-)
Dec 5, 2013 13:37:23   #
knitgalore wrote:
Thanks OSG. Did it go to my new email addy?

Idk.... If not, pm me your new address... Or email me if you still have my email address..
Dec 5, 2013 13:56:21   #
Barb, good to see you around!!!! Ah Webs! Still on my bucket list...

I have tons of sock yarn too. I have been doing so many other things.. have 2 sweaters in the making with sock yarn, taking forever since i put them aside to do other things. Keep making promises to other people to make them stuff, my mistake!!!

I want to get back to socks.. Love socks. Oh also in the middle of fingerless gloves with mock cable stitch for myself and promised K I would do a pair for him too.

It's now down to 25 degrees here and freezing especially since we don't turn the heat on, why you might ask.. No idea why we don't we just don't .. so we brought space heater. Did I say this already???? It sounds familiar. I think I am losing it, girls.

Well, we have a big wedding in LA come the middle of January and the kids are coming from FLA for it so I get to play with Will for about a week! I can't wait.
A friend offered us her house for that week, since she will be going away. That's amazing and saves at least 1000$ off the price of the trip. Don't think the kids would have come if they had to pay for a hotel too. So it is turning out great. Got a dress and everything! Now to lose some weight!

Can't wait to see that little guy!!
Dec 5, 2013 21:44:18   #
Hi, well my working week I'd over.... Thank goodness I am at this very moment having a pedicure I am sure my feet hasn't turned into hooves lol. Tonight I am of out to dinner with the girls from work. Tomorrow night I am looking after my god daughter she is 9 and a real sweetie . Think we are going to build a ginger bread house. But for the moment my feet in this warm bubbly water is heaven
Dec 6, 2013 11:44:16   #
:D :D Hey chicks, have not been well, for a few days...ended up in the hospital running a high temp. Bah!!! back to normal...lot of blood counts were too low so I could not proect myself. Have not done any knitting for quite a few...we shall see about today. My problem with kindle is finding books...have read all that I have an interest in so far. Will peek in today and see what I find. Later darlings ...and have a good day.
Dec 6, 2013 17:00:10   #
Sorry to hear you have been so unwell Bitsey but glad you are with us today.
Dec 6, 2013 17:44:34   #
Take care of yourself, Bits. Glad you are getting back to normal.

Yesterday I went with hubby to see the surgeon. His corrective surgery is scheduled for Jan. 3, going in on the 2nd for some tests to be done first. Hooray! He will be so glad to have this over with. Expected hospital stay will be 5-7 days, barring complications. I'll remind you when to start praying! Then we will go through all the same recovery challenges as before-- but at least I won't be alone this time, and we won't have a new ostomy to deal with, so it should be that much better, at least!

Our weather turned totally NASTY overnight! Yesterday was too hot and muggy (in the 70's but felt hotter...) and today it's rained all day and has been dark and in the 30's. I'm going to sit by the fireplace and knit on the clog for a while. Brrrrr.

Val, is everything okay up your way? I heard there were terrible storms hitting Scotland now. Hope it's not too bad in your area.

Barb it's so nice to have you back chatting with us. We really missed your company.
Dec 6, 2013 17:56:10   #
val hynson
So much for my kindle, I knocked off the seat in the bus on Wednesday , it's broken,sad to relate it's not repairable, so do I buy another
kindle or what
Great to see Barbara back on line, I have missed her blogs, glad you are back knitting again.
It's so cold here didn't get above zero today, must look out the thermals, we had a dusting of snow this morning.
Good news that you will see your Grandson next month Nina
So sorry you have been back in hospital Bitsey, hugs from over here
Tracy, the joys of a pedicure, enjoy your evening out with the girls
Yesterday we had a storm here,no trains, buses, main bridges closed, not much fun, good day for household cleaning and knitting.Started a baby dress in pink DK yarn, looks ok
My favourite sale started today , went but didn't buy unlike me, think I will go back again tomorrow and have another look round
Dec 6, 2013 18:01:43   #
val hynson
Bonnie the worst thing about the storms here was the wheelie bins were blown all over the street, took me most of the day to find ours and the neighbours, we truly got off lightly thanks for asking
3rd January is the day My DH is due to have surgery on his hand , will be thinking of you, hope your DH has a straightforward post op time, with no big challenges. Like last time
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