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Dec 8, 2013 22:23:02   #
The baby has changed so much, Nina. He looks like he's about ready to crawl. Look out, world!
Dec 9, 2013 02:36:02   #
Here is my wool ball garland, just need to glue the ends down and take pins out.

Dec 9, 2013 03:02:16   #
val hynson
Bonnie, my DH plys keyboards, OMG great cake .Tracy these decorations are unique, and pretty.
Nina I just love that photo of your ( Grandson, he is growing up fast. Not long now til the family are with you. The highlight of my week is the long Skype call from the kids on a Saturday night.
Alberta I did email you and it came back to me so guess I need the new one
Barbara, hope your daughters foot surgery goes smoothly
It's so mild here, only 11 degrees , don't even have the heating on this morning.
Dec 9, 2013 03:02:55   #
val hynson
trasara wrote:
Here is my wool ball garland, just need to glue the ends down and take pins out.

It's beautiful
Dec 9, 2013 06:14:46   #
I am happy, happy, happy as I am back working on my cardigan.. I have decided that I love working on bigger things as I can get into a rhythm I am over the fiddley stuff for a while!!
Boy is it humid today .. you know when it feels like a thunder storm is going to hit any minute but it doesn't. Did make sitting in the car at flute very sticky especially knitting, lucky it's cotton. The cicadas were so loud I videoed them I'll see if it will load on fb.
Dec 9, 2013 20:43:24   #
Barbara Ann
Hello CWS. I had a busy weekend, and today. But wanted to pop in for a quick hello. Tomorrow I have to take Kimberly to the Hemo doc. Just a follow up as she has the Factor 5 blood disorder. She goes about once a year.

Anyway I'm working on the scarves for the "girls". Sisters and nieces. Then I have socks to make for them, and probably fingerless mitts. Not sure yet about the mitts.

Nina, your Grandson is such a cutie and getting so big. Tracy, you make the cutest Holiday decos.

Well, I'm retiring to my chair and do some knitting. Have a great night.
Dec 9, 2013 21:48:25   #
Hi all

Just in from an athletic banquet... Ds did well...earned an all conference award (that is voted upon by all the coaches we played against and was a very high honor)

Pretty nice way to top off a birthday!
Dec 10, 2013 00:20:12   #
Congrats, OSG, to your son!

Barb, I'm sure your sisters missed your knitting! Glad you are getting back into the groove.

The yarn ball garland is so cute, Tracy. What will you do with it? Is it for the tree?

Val I see now why your hubby must keep his hands in good working order! So he's a jazz pianist! How interesting.

I've been wrapping gifts today. We need to get our tree so I have someplace to put them!

Sleep tight!
Dec 10, 2013 04:31:44   #
Hi everyone,
congrats on your sons award Osg, what an honour!
Barb sounds like you are enjoying your knitting again, thats great!
Bonnie I am going to hang the garland on the study Window. The tree is
Choccas. I really should get some Christmas shopping done, I just need to get in the right frame of mind for it.
Dec 11, 2013 00:27:22   #
Wow a whole day and still no one here! Just goes to show the crazy time of the year is here!! Went to the shops in an attempt to shop but didn't find anything, also was on the look out for shoes for myself but they are all ugly!!!!Way too young or way too old.
Dec 11, 2013 04:45:13   #
This is freaky I think I have lost you all!!! Come Back!!!!
Dec 11, 2013 05:23:13   #
val hynson
I am here , haven't be chatting, lost my address book do days have been spent hunting for it, also got ac new Kindle and it's less easy to use than the old one was.
OSG congratulations on your DS award
Barbara you going like a knitting machine with all your knitting, great to see messages from you
Bonnie so you are at the stage of wrapping presents, I am still undecided as to whether to out up the tree this year, there are only the two of us, and we don't expect to have any visitors.i am going to put lights on a little tree in the garden as most people do this in the street , well girls back to the search, emptied the waste paper wheelie bin this morning
Dec 11, 2013 08:22:41   #
Sorry... Tough nite in the barn...animal disasters keeping us busy...will try to post later
Dec 11, 2013 08:37:57   #
Good morning! Yes, it was busy yesterday. My bank decided to "upgrade" their website and now none of their customers can log on to do their online banking! Been trying to deal with that and finally gave up and just wrote checks and paid bills the 'old school' way. Boy, am I spoiled by online "Bill Pay".

We had the Silver Sneakers Christmas party yesterday. Great food, great fun. They had so much fun playing games and winning prizes. It's always a great time.

Chat more later, Chicks!
Dec 11, 2013 10:33:11   #
:D :D Hey chicks, good to see everyone snd that grandson is gowing by leaps and bounds. Barb, hope to start my cards and get this cowl going...once it is conncected I am good to go. Check in later chicks and Bon have your Hubbie in my prayers. Stay strong. Alberta take care of your self. Val get another kindle and get one of those rubber covers....cannot break your kindle. Laster Susan.
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Resort Group Continuing Chat
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