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Interchangeable circular needles
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Dec 5, 2013 12:33:22   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
rebrenner31 wrote:
So what is the difference between using a 4" or 5" needle?
It all depends on your hands and your technique. Then there's the question of just how small a diameter you want to knit in the round. If it's really small preemie hats or sweater sleeves, then you'll be happier with the shorter tips, as they can work a smaller diameter circle.

Someone let me know when there's an interchangeable with 7" tips, please? My large hands and Continental technique break the cables on most shorter tips. Costly lesson learned.;)
nrc1940 wrote:
Any interchangeable is better than those unwieldy ones with the stiff cable. I have a bunch of them that I never use. I really should chuck them!
'Chuck' as in throw away into the landfill?? Heaven forefend! They may not suit you, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there's a knitter out there who'd jump at the chance to have them! Offer them for sale or just for postage here on KP. I'm sure someone will snap them up.

By the way, I still have my first set of Boye NeedleMaster - bought in the early 70s - and still love them - stiff and unwieldy though they be. They have never failed me, not even when joined into a six-foot-long circular to work the border all around a very large afghan. I have 'wanted' my way to other sets; I kept hearing about them online and in magazines, so I broke down and got some of the 'better' sets. Another lesson learned. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I do use the newer sets, but carry the same size Boye NeedleMaster wherever I take the project. I have learned that the newer, supposedly better, sets are more prone to failure than my good old Boyes!
Dec 5, 2013 12:35:13   #
The longer tips can be more comfortable for people with large hands or hand and wrist issues....the shorter tips make knitting small circular object s like hats....
Dec 5, 2013 12:38:53   #
JTM (a regular here)
kordy wrote:
I'd like to purchase a set of interchangeable circular needles. Can anyone recommend a make?

First you must decide which material you prefer to use. There are sets in plastic (Denise probably the least expensive set. Smallest size needle is US size 5 up to 15) Bamboo (ChiaoGoo, HiyaHiya and I am sure others...but those sizes start at US size 2) Wood (Knitters Pride, Knit Picks and others starting at US size 4) or Metal ... ( there are nickel plated needles as well as stainless steel and all of the above except Denise come with one of the metal needles.
I have only listed brands of needles that I own... the only ones I can speak to with personal knowledge.

If price is a major factor... Denise for sure if you do not need needles smaller than US size 5.
If you need the smaller sizes, I love my bamboo needles ... but only have individual sizes in the ChiaoGoo US sizes 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 in a 5" length needle used with a 40" cable (for knitting socks Magic Loop technique) I also purchased a small set of HiyaHiya US sizes 2 through 8 in the 4" length needle ... which I find uncomfortable to bought an additional bamboo US size 2 5" which I do love.
I also own some of the wood Knitters Pride (almost exactly like the Knit Picks) They are nice needles, but because I seldom use the US size 4 and above, they do not get much use.
What ever you choose, see if you can try a needle from that brand to see just how much you do like it.
There are many other brands out there and I am sure you will get lots of info on them... not owning others, I can't offer an opinion on them.
Dec 5, 2013 13:20:50   #
Becca (a regular here)
Yes, the key is to test drive every type of needle available because no one needle fits every situation. This is why we have so many needles: wood, bamboo, metal, acrylic then blunt tips and sharp lace tips.

My favorites are not interchangeables, unfortunately. They are the Indian Lake Artisans hexagonals. They knit beautifully, work with all types of yarns and situations including lace knitting. Like Signatures, they are not inexpensive, just worth it.
Dec 5, 2013 13:22:13   #
rebrenner31 wrote:
So what is the difference between using a 4" or 5" needle?

he he he he 1" :)
Dec 5, 2013 13:47:01   #

There is a sale!!!
Dec 5, 2013 13:51:12   #
Czar-Knitter, I knew someone would say that! :roll:
Dec 5, 2013 13:53:20   #
I use the Denise Interchangeable knitting needles; they can be used as either circular or straight.
Dec 5, 2013 14:05:37   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
janenedrow53 wrote:
I use the Denise Interchangeable knitting needles; they can be used as either circular or straight.
Better yet, they make crochet hooks that fit on the same cables! I'll never need to buy another afghan hook or double-ended hook again!

I just need to find some takers for my collection of aluminium hooks ... Gee, I wish postage were lower! :roll: :cry:
Dec 5, 2013 14:10:43   #
JTM (a regular here)
rebrenner31 wrote:
So what is the difference between using a 4" or 5" needle?

That little 1" difference is huge to my hands. I cramp up and it just plain hurts to knit with the 4"... I can get by with a 4.5"... but much prefer the 5" ... which is the norm with many sets
Dec 5, 2013 14:19:02   #
JTM (a regular here)
cbektas wrote:
I wanted interchangeable circs so bad but would never be able to afford the really good ones that everyone seems to favor. I had a 50% off coupon for ACMoore so I went in to look at yarn. I saw a set of Denise interchangeables for $60. I had read mixed reviews about them but with the coupon they would only be $30 so I figured that was a good price, one I could afford. I have made several large things with them and have had no problems. They are plastic tips that are so smooth and light and don't come apart and the cords are thin enough and flexible. They came with several cord lengths and couplers to make any length you need. The size range is US 5-11. I love knitting with them!
I wanted interchangeable circs so bad but would ne... (show quote)

The set that I own goes up to US 15 ... they must have changed things in the last 20 years or so. Actually I love that Denise set. The only reason I bought others was my sock addiction.... must have smaller sizes than US 5 ... that only works on worsted weight socks... and I want my fingering weights now, so bought a few in the smaller sizes.
Dec 5, 2013 14:31:58   #
Fran42 (a regular here)
I love my Denise Interchangeables. I've had them at least 10 years and had very few problems with them. Their lifetime guarantee is truly lifetime. Their customer service is outstanding. Excellent company to do business with. Excellent product also.
Dec 5, 2013 15:58:42   #
Grandma Jo
I absolutely love my Knit Picks circular needles. I have the Harmony and also the Caspian interchangeable needles. They are beautiful, have sharp points and are very smooth, because they are wood they have a warm touch to them. I use them for everything I knit. I also have a set of their 6" DPN's for sock knitting. I have never seen nicer needles than Knit Picks. They also have beautiful yarns. Here is their web address:
Dec 5, 2013 16:20:35   #
Deb's Keepn Bzy
One brand I never see mentioned is Darn Pretty Needles by Dyakraft. I have their "heavy metal" lace set of interchangeables: needle sizes 0-3 1/2, with 9, 12, & 16 inch cables. Needles can be ordered in 5" or 3 1/2" lengths, and lace or regular tips. I like the feel of them with a little more weight than most for the tiny ones. I've also ordered their wood set in sizes 4-10, with 3 longer cables (both sets will interchange). Check out the website
Dec 5, 2013 16:28:33   #
mopgenorth wrote:
Oh come on guys! We all know the best needles are Chiaogoo...but then there are the Hiya Hiyas - they're pretty darn good too. Cubics and Kollege square needles are very popular too...and the harmony, sunstruck, and dreamz are so pretty and have lots of great reviews... A lot of people like the Karbonz too. I like my Addis, just wish they came in smaller size than 4...but I do like the Addi Sock Rockets and even though they are fixed they come in teeny tiny sizes...

so many needles and too little time!!!!
Oh come on guys! We all know the best needles are ... (show quote)

Well said. I totally agree. I might put Hiya before Chiagoo. It's a toss up.
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