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Jul 19, 2014 08:59:46   #
Here we are... a brand new thread to fill up. Welcome, CWS!
Jul 19, 2014 10:11:06   #
Barbara Ann
Good Morning/Evening CWS.
Not too much going on today. Need to go pick up my scripts from the drug store, go to the farmers market for some fresh local corn (yummy), to the butcher shop for some meats, to the grocery store for odds and ends, and to one of our apartments to meet the water company who is out testing the meters. Busy errand day today. I can't tell if its going to rain or not. It's kinda cloudy out right now. Everything is so still. Reminds me of the say, the calm before the storm! who knows, not me for sure!

Ok, I'm off and running. Will check back later~~~~
PS: SUSAN, please post so we know what's going on. We all miss you and love you, and need to hear from you. <3
Jul 19, 2014 10:13:12   #
Morning all a quick hello before I head off to bed!
Jul 19, 2014 18:39:52   #
Hi all....

today I am using my cricut to monogram sone bags with dd's help...last of my graduation gifts!

& etching some cassarole dishes for wedding presents....

and planning some pix gifts

ugh! I am sooooo behind!
Jul 19, 2014 19:43:11   #
You sound so busy Angela. Busy time of the year?
Jul 19, 2014 21:01:45   #
trasara wrote:
You sound so busy Angela. Busy time of the year?

Lol......I don't know anything but busy!
Jul 19, 2014 22:01:14   #
( if it works)

Jul 19, 2014 23:18:27   #
The red is a tank.

I did 5 bags, and six cassarole dishes...

now all I have left is one pair of baby booties...

i missed a lot of showers with moms illness!
Jul 19, 2014 23:34:52   #
I put a cute frame in each bag by the way....and the tank top will have a frame and black are her new collge colors

I really like working with this glittered iron on vinyl...and so far it washes and wears with really good durability

my dd has two tanks that she wears for dance practice that still look like new
Jul 20, 2014 01:22:25   #
Hubby and I have been plotting out the next lot of cementing in the back yard, after moving the cubby to the corner we can extend the back garden bed. I finally got a lemon tree and Hubby got a lime tree. It is doing him good with all the time he has been putting in at work to have something creative and physical to do on the weekend it seems to have made him alot more cheerful.And the silver lining is the yard is looking so much better.
Jul 20, 2014 10:37:04   #
I just WISH my dh cared about the yard....(ours is sooooo sad)
Jul 20, 2014 10:42:15   #
Good morning Chicks! Glad you found the new thread.

Gardening/yard work is great mental therapy and a good de-stresser. Tracy did you see the post about all the dangerous critters in Australia that I put on your FB page? Still want to know your opinion of that.

Great monogramming, OSG. I love those etched casseroles for wedding presents. What a great idea that is.

Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday, Barb... hope you can rest today.

Later, Chicks...
Jul 20, 2014 17:18:07   #
val hynson
Angela you have been busy, I do like the etching and the monogram work...when do you have what I call " me time" ?
A lemon and a lime tree in your garden Tracy, what a luxury, we had a lemon tree in our garden when we lived in Queensland many many years ago, Mum loved it
Hope you are all getting some rest this weekend, you lead such busy lives
We were out to dinner last night with neighbours, lovely evening
Today I collected a little bicycle that I got on ebay last night, Ben can try it when he is here then I will pass it on to a lovely wee boy locally
Enjoy what's left of your weekend, no knitting, just sewing up garments and ironing today. Hugs to you all
Jul 20, 2014 21:40:22   #
Barbara Ann
Good Evening/morning CWS. Today was another busy day. Still doing some cleaning at the apartment. We should be able to start the painting tomorrow. Tuesday at the latest. I don't mind doing painting. So that's ok with me. :-)

That's it for tonight, I'm tired and heading to bed.
Sweet dreams everyone, and day dreams too! :-)
Jul 21, 2014 01:41:18   #
Enjoy your rest Barb!

Gardening/yard work is great mental therapy and a good de-stresser. Tracy did you see the post about all the dangerous critters in Australia that I put on your FB page? Still want to know your opinion of that.

BonnieI guess it's like any country these things exist but they are extremes I mean the dingo would be chewing on a dead shark on the beach. Yes there are crocs in the water in Northern territory and northern Queensland( the very top of Australia) The jelly fish are a problem up north too, but nobody has been stung by a Blue ringed octopus in forever I mean you have to pick it up and bother it to get stung. We have the flying foxes fly over every evening but they don't bother anyone , we are just told if you find an injured one don't touch it as the carry disease. Spiders are always about but you just use common sense check shoes or anything left outside before putting them on etc we spray outdoor furniture etc same as you would. you are more likely to be hit by a car than any of these things.

Hubby has his moments in the yard lucky he is into it right now, may not happen again for a while!
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Resort Group Continuing Chat
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