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Is this yarn worth it?
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Jul 30, 2014 07:30:46   #
I got some of that thread and tried and it up beautiful and it is very nice thread to work with
Jul 30, 2014 07:38:47   #
Juneperk wrote:
If your DIL bought the yarn and wants a sweater from it, I'd do it. Just because she paid a low price doesn't mean it was a cheap yarn in the first place. Make her happy and do it.

My thoughts too.
Jul 30, 2014 07:45:25   #
I have knitted a lot of outfits with yarn made in Tukey, and the results were very good..
Jul 30, 2014 07:48:55   #
roseknit (a regular here)
I have bought yarn from Big Lots for a $1 a ball and found it to be fine. I have made hats and scarves. Wears well, better than some more expensive yarns
Jul 30, 2014 07:57:23   #
Ladyj960 (a regular here)
You could do a swatch let her see and feel and let her make the decision. If it is what she wants, why not.
Jul 30, 2014 08:04:26   #
I use that yarn because 3 ply is so hard to find. I volunteer for our local hospital and our baby hat club requires 3 ply. Every baby born in our hospital receives a hat and bootie set. The yarn is soft and durable, let's face it, nothing that is knit or croched looks the same after washed. Hobby Lobby has all if their "I Love Yarn" brand made in Turkey and you can't beat their baby sport yarn.

Jul 30, 2014 08:09:32   #
Lady Kaira
I don't think it is so much is the yarn worth it as is your DIL?
Jul 30, 2014 08:18:29   #
beaz (a regular here)
I bought some Canan brand for finish a knit project. I had to use double strand to match the worsted (stil was thin) and it kept twisting.
Jul 30, 2014 08:18:43   #
Agree !!
Jul 30, 2014 08:19:01   #
Check out the post on July 28th or 29th "A cardigan for the coming winter". There are 7 or 8 pages and I'm sure she mentioned her yarn came from Big Lots and the whole sweater cost her $18. My kind of price.
Jul 30, 2014 08:19:08   #
I agree with with the ideas posted by others of making a swatch first. Most of the yarn sold at Big Lots are overstocks from other stores just like the yarn Tuesday Morning sells. If you like the yarn and it suits your project it should be fine.
Jul 30, 2014 08:19:10   #
Agree !!
Jul 30, 2014 08:45:36   #
yiayia5 wrote:
My DIL bought acrylic yarn from Big Lots and wants me to knit her a sweater. The yarn was made in Turkey. Would you knit a sweater that was a $1.00 each? It is a 3 ply and very soft to the touch. I just don't know if it would be worth the time for a sweater.

As someone else said, for that amount of work, I would knit a LARGE swatch and beat on it and see what it does.
Jul 30, 2014 08:49:09   #
sheila kay
a lot of the yard in the UK is from Turkey and extremely good value. I have made several things with different kinds and always found washing etc. no problem

Jul 30, 2014 08:52:20   #
I bought some of these in 2 colors and it works up beautifully. Seems like a decent yarn to me and at $1.00 a skein it is a real bargain.
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