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Knit Pick needles
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Nov 7, 2014 09:46:28   #
I'm wanting to buy interchangable knitting needles and I saw knit pick at Lens Mill Warehouse for $59.99. Is this a good price and is knit pick the way to go. Thanks for any information. Bonnie
Nov 7, 2014 09:50:46   #
mattie cat (a regular here)
I have a Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable set I purchased about 5 years ago when they were made in India. The new ones are made in China and many people have had problems with them. I love my set but it cost well over a hundred dollars when I bought it. Check out, they have Chiaogoo sets which are very nice and the customer service is excellent. If a needle ever breaks they replace it free and promptly.
Nov 7, 2014 09:52:14   #
Bonnniemay wrote:
I'm wanting to buy interchangable knitting needles and I saw knit pick at Lens Mill Warehouse for $59.99. Is this a good price and is knit pick the way to go. Thanks for any information. Bonnie

Short answer: for a full set...that's a GREAT DEAL!
Nov 7, 2014 09:59:50   #
Knitpicks has Rainbow, Sunstruck and Caspian sets, each $59.99. I bought my sunstruck a year or so ago and I love them. They are probably some of the China made ones, but I have had no trouble with them, and I am not easy on them. I always use the "key" to tighten them, along with a gripper pad (which doesn't come with them). There are some "try me" sets out there for different brands, so if in doubt, you can check these out.
Nov 7, 2014 10:01:20   #
if these are the ones with the red cabled ones check them real good when you get them. I bought a set thru the Knitpick their brand. So far one bad cable. But the big problem is I have two of the same size needle. Oh the other thing is they don't have cables that go smaller than 24" So check them over really good. I have to send mine back.

now on the positive they handle well and smooth.
Nov 7, 2014 10:05:45   #
I have a set of Knit Picks interchangeables and I really like them. I have had some breakage over the years but they always replace them at no charge. My set is probably 7 years old. I am planning on buying a set of the Caspians.
Nov 7, 2014 10:28:58   #
I love my wooden Knit Picks Options - just pointy enough, just slippery enough, lovely feeling. But I live in desert-dry southwestern Alberta, where the average humidity is in the 20%s. Wooden needles shrink, and the Options fall out of their metal ends. Knit Picks will replace them without question for the first year after purchase, but I have found that crazy glue works well enough.
Nov 7, 2014 10:56:07   #
I have had no problems with knitpickes needles at all. I have three set of them.I payed more for them 2 years ago so that is a very good price.
Nov 7, 2014 12:24:44   #
chickkie (a regular here)
I really like my KnitPicks needles despite a few problems but they have always replaced them when that happened. I would only recommend that you buy directly from KnitPicks.
Nov 7, 2014 12:39:30   #
The interchangeable Caspian ones I bought about a year ago (made in China) are horrid. The wood tips come out of the metal shanks and while I can use super glue to secure them down, it is still a disappointment. I also bought fixed circulars in sizes US#0, US #1, and US#2 to try Magic Loop method for socks. The cables are too stiff to use for magic loop so the needles just sit there unused. I LOVE KnitPicks for everything except their made in China needles.
Nov 7, 2014 13:09:36   #
GrumpyGramma (a regular here)
My Knit Picks Sunstruck needles are great. When one proved defective they replaced it immediately. The cables that came with them are fine. Cables I got later, not so much. The connection of cable to metal part doesn't stay tight and snags the yarn. I've not noticed that with the black Knitter's Pride cables I got from WEBS. I need to order cables so I guess I'll find out if the black ones are still really good.
Nov 7, 2014 14:27:53   #
klrober (a regular here)
I had the Knit Pics Interchanges (the ones with the dif colors) that I bought in July & in less than 3 weeks I had a problem with the metal join coming apart from the wood. Yes, the company is very nice about replacing them but I thought if this was going to be a continuing problem I didn't want to keep dealing with it (they were made in China) so back they went & I upgraded to something different. Haven't had a problem with my new set either. I'm glad to hear others are not having problems with their Knit Pics.
Nov 8, 2014 07:50:45   #
I hate to be the "fly in the ointment," but I do not really like my knit picks needles. I would like a more flexible cable, and my cables are rather stiff. If there is a remedy for stiff cables, I would try it.
Nov 8, 2014 07:57:54   #
Our knitting group all bought knitpicks needles for a knit a long. Half of the cords broke within the first half hour. Knitpicks usually replaces broken needles but might not if you didn't buy from them. Save your money for Hiya Hiya or Choi Goui.
Nov 8, 2014 09:07:31   #
I highly recommend knitpicks. I have 4 different sets if their interchangeables. One is newer and must be from China but I have had no issues with them. They seem to be excellent quality. They've also given me great customer service. That's an excellent price. Go for it!
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