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Keep on Trucking Sweater
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Sep 26, 2011 16:55:23   #
Am wondering if anyone can please help me out with this pattern?

I am on the Neck Ribbing.I have read the entire rest of the pattern and am confused.

1. Neck ribbing begin by picking up 7 stitches at the curved neck front (see picture) I do not see the picture on the pattern. 2. Go to right front, right sleeve, back neck sleeve, neck frontetc. Am I suppose to be breaking yarn?

3 I work a few rows in K2P2 and bind off

4. I then pick up yet again for the button band.

5. Most Important - Experienced Knitterer; Can I combine all this to one or two steps without binding off and picking up again?

I have to Keep on Trucking or I will go bonkers over this pattern.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Sep 26, 2011 17:43:15   #
You are just picking up stitches from the front of the cardigan where you have decreased for the V neck. then across the sleeve, back, sleeve and down front.
You could do it in one by casting off all the stitches and then knitting a band that goes up the front across as above and down the other front but don't forget to put in button holes.
Sit quietly and read the instructions.
Hope this makes sense, there will be others who can explain it better. I think the reference to the picture is just the picture on the front of the pattern.
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