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What is your Cat Personality?
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Mar 17, 2015 22:17:58   #
MrsB (a regular here)
Take the quiz to find your cat personality:
Mar 27, 2015 21:13:39   #
Helen Hawkins
MrsB wrote:
Take the quiz to find your cat personality:

Fluffy and relaxed. Hope that doesn't mean fat and lazy lol!!
Jul 20, 2016 12:57:34   #
Scottish Fold - Fluffy & Relaxed

I have 3 long hair cats that I rescued.
Jun 3, 2017 20:34:33   #
I'm a Scottish Fold; fluffy and relaxed!
Fluffy in both appearance and personality - you are one giant ball of furry love! Folds are highly sought-after pets and Fold kittens typically cost considerably more than kittens of more common breeds. Feels nice to be expensive, huh? That aside, your gentle and relaxed disposition combined with your never-ending capacity to love make you the ultimate friend and companion. Few animals make folded ears and fluff look as good as you!
Jul 22, 2017 15:30:39   #
Munchkin - fluffy and adorable
Sep 12, 2017 17:43:14   #
Bengal: Wild & Rambunctious

Wild thing! Never one to fully embrace society, you are a child of two worlds - the civilized and the savage. A full on mix of asian leopard and house cat, your genes give you a distinct natural beauty and thirst for adventure. You always prefer to be outdoors and tackling something new - though enjoy having your own indoor space to call home. You are no ordinary kitty... The wilderness is calling, and few things can stand in your way of making it all your own!

Not really me!
Feb 21, 2018 15:50:58   #
Feb 21, 2018 15:55:46   #
Second time.

Grumpy Cat: Grumpy yet Loveable

You had fun once. It was awful.

To quote Tardar Sauce's owners (yes, Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce): "We aren't exactly sure about Grumpy Cats breed; but she looks nothing like her mother or father. She looks similar to a Ragdoll or Showshoe; but there have never been any of that breed around the house. Her mom is a calico domestic short hair cat and her father has grey and white stripes." In summary - we have no idea what you are, but good god do we love you! Your dry wit and sarcastic cynicism embody much of culture today, and no matter how "unbearable" some may find you - twice as many find you endearing and, well, brutally honest! Never stop being who you are!
May 16, 2018 22:51:54   #
Bengal:Wild and Rambunctious
Aug 3, 2018 23:42:58   #
Bengal as well.
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