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Knitting a "Dutch Heel"
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Oct 1, 2011 12:55:26   #
I have heard about a Dutch Heel, and do not know a thing about such thing. It refers to knitting socks, have not seen one or anything. Some ideas please, Thanks
Oct 1, 2011 13:05:44   #
I just did a Search on the internet... This is just a [b]few] of the rsults. Hope one of them will be a goody. (I turned them into live links for you, but did not go read each one.)

Search results Dutch Heel - KnitWiki - Free Patterns and More at Knitting ...
This heel works for any sock knit on a multiple of 12 stitches. Divide your stitches for the heel. Divide your total number of stitches by 4 Knit the first quarter of your ... - Cached

How to Make a Knitted Dutch Heel on Circular Needles |
Sock knitters know that a sock starts as a tube of knitting. Then a bit of knitted magic happens--a heel that makes a right-angle turn. A Dutch heel is one way to ... - Cached
More results from ยป
Heels, heels, heels! - The Gallery Should be Your Next Stop
Square Heel aka Dutch Heel . Modified Square ... knit across to the middle or a little past, decrease, knit ... - Cached

How to Make a Knitted Dutch Heel on Circular Needles With a ...
... less unsightly joins than using double pointed needles and feels more like regular knitting than circular knitting. The two needle method will lend itself to a dutch heel ... - Cached

Northwest Knitter: Universal Toe-Up, Reverse Dutch Heel Sock ...
Notes: The instructions for this pattern are generic with specific numbers for a man's 9 1/2 sock with a gauge of 10 by 13 stitches per inch. I recommend making ... - Cached

In the Dutch heel there are only two rows to remember - s1, knit (x), ssk; and s1, purl (x), p2tog. That to me at least makes it easier to calculate and to teach.,guid,089f76c8-5089-c... - Cached

Dutch Heel - Needles & Knots
Dutch Heel March 23rd, 2007 . Toe Up (Click to enlarge) Details: This heel is nearly ... Details: This heel is knit completely using short row shaping very similar to the short ... - Cached
Oct 1, 2011 21:39:47   #
Thank you for your time looking all of the web sites up. I will investigate to see if any are simple enough for me to try.
Oct 1, 2011 21:42:48   #
Most of these websites are for toes up socks. Do you know of any that are for cuff downs?
Oct 2, 2011 00:02:57   #
Not sure - when I did the search with the words Dutch Heel Knitting, there were so many I only copied the first few. Try it. I only do top down sox myself so will have to find a site for them or a utube video....
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