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Im knitting
Don’t open it. She ignored me after I pointed out she ripped off her pattern.
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Ricki Mundstock Magic Cable
is there anyone with a pattern willing to sell me a copy. a jumper pattern with a magic cable. ive looked and cant find one unles i live in the usa
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I’m knitting
Don’t open it, it’s freud. She blocked me after I pointed out her sweater pattern was a rip off.
And sorry it’s IM knitting dam auto correct!
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Nadira shawl.
I have finally finished my latest Dee O’Keefe designed shawl, the Nadira. I had a hiccup with the last chart (my problem, not the chart) and I contacted Dee, she pinpointed the problem straight away. She is a fantastic designer and a great lady. Thanks Dee.
It is now on the blocking mats and will be gifted tomorrow to my dear DIL to take to Italy. The family fly out tomorrow evening to visit her Dad for two weeks. Everyone is excited, especially my son and his two step daughters as they have not been overseas before. Jen.

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Help with a knitted seed stitch border
Could one of you smart knitters explain to me how to make the dishcloth with the seed stitch border? It was posted in the picture section a couple of days ago by Madelyn.
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Lost row counter...slightly ticked at myself.
Durn, I have lost, misplaced, it’s been stolen, something...I had it yesterday, right here, while knitting in my recliner. I have all but picked this recliner up and shook luck...not here. Well, I did take it to my knitting club meeting BUT I never used it there. Oh well, back to writing the numbers on paper. Have to figure out what number to write first. Do I sound frustrated, I am....:(
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Intarsia, Stranded colours or Duplicate stitch - that’s the question
I am working on a Mary Maxim Chowican inspired jacket for my daughter and am part way up the back piece. I have made one of these jackets before, but the motif was more solid without the legs and antlers of the deer motif on this pattern, so the question of how to knit them didnt arise.

I used Intarsia for the legs (which turned into a complicated tangle) but I think by the time I weave in the ends and close up a few holes it should be OK. I used a stranded technique for the tree between the deer and intarsia for the bodies of the deer.

But I thought I would ask more experienced knitters what technique they would use for the antlers, before I go any further.
Choices I am considering are;
- intarsia
- create a Square around the antlers and use a two colour stranded knit, or
- try a duplicate stitch after I finish the piece.

Looking forward to some helpful and expert advice, thank you,

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Easiest Knitting Pattern
I know that everyone might have their own opinion, but what will you say is the easiest knitting pattern you've done so far.
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Love Mariannas patterns
Another one of my favourite tops to make. Added a ruffle but ended up trying to squash hundreds of stitches on the needle!!!

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Cushioned hooks
I like cushioned hooks...but am I not buying the right ones?...I bought a set from Amazon about a year ago and the ones I used the most have had to be discarded...first, the cushioned sleeve worked it’s way off or to the point I had to keep pushing it back down onto Rh shaft of the hook...eventually it literally wore the way my fingers pressed on it....after losing a couple with this process, I bought them singly at Joann’s...something s happening I need to spend more or do I just crochet funny!...suggestions?
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