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Wrap k
This one was knitted with odd balls almost at the end of odd balls yea
Still need to knit 14 so almost there my goal of 20 the nurse requested

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Question on Posting please
When you see something that some posted, how do you post a Comment. Such as a lady posted a beautiful knitted table cover. I would like to tell her how wonder it was, because it is fantastic. I do not knit, but a true heirloom. But I can not figure out what or where to click to be able to. I appreciate any suggestions.
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help with a pattern
Has anyone made "Cuddles and Hugs baby blanket and hat by Debi Woods"? I have made the blanket with no problem - a really lovely pattern. The hat poses a problem everytime I made it and I was wondering if perhaps someone else is having problems with it and maybe there is an error in the hat pattern. The way the decreases are written in the pattern it is not possible to go from 60 stitches down to 4 stitches with just the three rounds of decreases that she has in the pattern. I always end up doing at least three more rounds of knit 2 tog. to get the stitch count down low enough to make the I cord. Anyone else have this problem or better a solution. Thanks.
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Some sewing and knitting
Made diapers for my daughter who's going to have a baby in August, and made her baby a knit outfit.

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Pod casts
I'm way behind the times, I know. I just heard about knitting pod casts.
I'm wondering how many of you listen to them and if you do , which are your favorites.
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Toyota ks950
New here but have been lurking around for quite some time as I have a singer LK 100 that I have been using . But I am new to the Toyota. I have removed the sponge bar and followed the directions for removing the needles so I can clean and oil them. However, I cannot get the needles out of the machine. The back panel is blocking me from removing them. Am I missing something? Any suggestions advice greatly appreciated!
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Baby hats (K and C)
I knit the ribbed band then finish rest of hat in crochet. Makes for a more stretchy band and easier to put on babies head.

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Just sharing ( knitting) SL

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Braided scarf
Here is my last scarf

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Cable stitch knitting
First of all, I love knitting cables, it's challenging & looks amazing. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I get excited over a new cable knitting pattern. I get so far, it's a lot of concentrating & paying attention to the pattern. I get so much done despite pattern mistakes, correct them on my printed pattern & move on. Rows later I discover that the next rows are totally wrong. I'm not a pattern writer or I could figure out the problem if I was. Frustrated but serious knitting lover. Any help would be very much appreciated. Oh, can anyone recommend a tried & true knitted cable pattern?
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