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just a random thought
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Feb 6, 2016 22:02:37   #
Well Said!
Feb 7, 2016 04:40:24   #
PhoenixFire wrote:
i just saw a picture of a drop-dead gorgeous shawl, and the person who made it said she might not even wear it.

that made me think of all the times i "saved" something for a "special occasion". we are not guaranteed any time here. each day is special because it will never come again.

i have become an advocate of using special things any day. so i can wear a beautiful shawl, even if i am walking around the house in my pajamas. i can use a treasured cup for my tea. i can put on cologne, even if i am not leaving the house. anything that brings joy should be right there, handy, ready.

there is enough in life that robs us of joy. bad health, bad news, bad environment, bad blood, bad finances, bad government... if there is something that lifts us even a little, i say "let us be lifted!"
i just saw a picture of a drop-dead gorgeous shawl... (show quote)

You are one very intelligent lady.................
Feb 7, 2016 08:06:42   #
romagica wrote:
I love this. Yes, if YOU don't treat yourself as someone special, who will?

:thumbup: :thumbup:
Feb 7, 2016 22:20:19   #
You hit the nail on the head I have beautiful Battenburg bedding just lovely, I have had it for over ten years,I couldn't face washing and then ironing it,, so it lives in my hope chest.
Feb 26, 2016 07:29:14   #
Joanne Hyde
A lot of good advice and truth in this post and the responses.
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