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Knitting Needles Cleaner
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May 28, 2016 12:05:41   #
I need a cleaner for my knitting needles of all materials: bamboo. wood, skacel metal or whatever that is, and plastic.
I am reorganizing all my needles and yarns and I noticed some are dirty
May 28, 2016 12:10:00   #
I don't have bamboo/wood needles; but all mine I just use a damp rag.
May 28, 2016 12:19:21   #
books (a regular here)
A little warm water and hand soap or Dawn would probably do it.
May 28, 2016 12:21:24   #
Nina Weddle Tullis (a regular here)
The bamboo or wood can be cleaned with just wax paper. That works for me very good, and it also makes the yarn slip better over the needles. That is all I use and I have needles that are very old.
May 28, 2016 12:26:04   #
Thank you both, Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
May 28, 2016 13:18:15   #
Sealcookie (a regular here)
Just plain old soap and warm water should do it.
May 28, 2016 13:47:21   #
Shannon123 (a regular here)
I little dish soap and water should do it. Think of wooden salad bowls, plastic cooking utensils and stainless steel cookware.
May 28, 2016 16:00:21   #
Katherine C
I use warm water and a little dish soap too if needed. Rub wood or bamboo with wax paper. I have a couple of brass (I think) Addi fixed circulars and have used a tiny bit of Bar Keepers Friend to clean them when they were a little tarnished. That would probably work on any metal or plastic needles I think.
May 28, 2016 16:03:35   #
Marge in MI
Dawn dish soap and water, or Windex on a paper towel followed by a wax paper treatment (re doing as needed). I keep a folded sheet of wax paper by my knitting needle jar
May 28, 2016 16:33:13   #
Thank You ALL
May 28, 2016 17:37:33   #
Knitting in the Rockys (a regular here)
SalineMIKnits wrote:
Thank You ALL

Here you go....

May 28, 2016 18:20:43   #
Are you kiddin me? WOW
May 28, 2016 18:56:59   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
Here you go....

May 28, 2016 22:34:16   #
Shannon123 (a regular here)
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
Here you go....

Rocky will be busy taking orders in the next few days...
May 29, 2016 01:20:37   #
Really, where can I buy that, on Amazon?
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