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Lets Talk Spinning, Weaving And Dyeing
Weaving- 10 or 12 dent for fingering yarn warp
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Dec 8, 2016 20:01:18   #
I'm a novice weaver and I would like to weave a shawl on my Cricket 15" Rigid Heddle Loom. I'm using a fingering yarn for the warp. Should I use a 10 or 12 dent reed? I don't want it to be stiff, I want it soft and flowy. I'm using a lace yarn for weft (Juniper Moon Findley) and Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 for warp. Appreciate any advice.
Dec 8, 2016 20:16:55   #
sockyarn (a regular here)
The 12 dent should be fine. What you can do it see how close the yarn is by wrapping it around a ruler, fitting 12 wraps per inch. If it looks too cloth then go with the 10 dent reed. Remember do not pack the weft yarn too closely. Have it about the same as your warp. It will look a little lose, but the holes will fill up when you full the fabric. After you wash it the first time the yarn will fluff a little and there will not be so many holes. Best of luck.
Dec 9, 2016 09:58:16   #
Babalou (a regular here)
I can't add much to Sockyarn's comments. It depends upon how tight a weave you want. Like she said, when you wash and block it, the yarn will "full". I have a tiny handheld loom that I sometimes use for sampling and that has helped me avoid mistakes. It might be worth a try. I also have a sampler called "Fast Sam" but I tend to use the little loom more.
Dec 9, 2016 10:50:30   #
I am new to weaving, too. My LYS said a GENERAL rule is:
8 dent =worsted
10 = sport
12 = fingering
16= lace.
The black and white scarf I posted earlier this week used 12 dent with light sport (white cotton) and fingerling (black sock yarn).
Dec 9, 2016 12:07:49   #
sockyarn (a regular here)
It also depends on what you are making and do you want drape. A sampling loom really lets you see how it will look. You can make a quick one with cardboard.
Dec 10, 2016 09:58:50   #
thanks everyone for your advice
Dec 10, 2016 12:00:20   #
sockyarn (a regular here)
Your welcome and happy weaving.
ynotknit wrote:
thanks everyone for your advice
Lets Talk Spinning, Weaving And Dyeing
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