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Introduce Yourself
Another newbie
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Jan 25, 2017 18:12:18   #
Welcome from Pa. nice to have you with us
Jan 25, 2017 21:57:35   #
GeriT01 (a regular here)
CailinAingeal wrote:
Hello, I learned to crochet at age 7 and taught myself to knit about three years ago. The more I knit the more I become addicted to it. I'm married, have a son who is autistic and from Florida.

🙋🏼 Hello,welcome.
Jan 26, 2017 16:31:31   #
Nana Doreen
Hello and welcome from England.
Jan 27, 2017 04:34:24   #
FLStephanie (a regular here)
Welcome to you I'm also in Jacksonville. Do you participate in any of the local knitting groups? What part of town are you in?
Jan 27, 2017 17:54:50   #
So glad you are here. I get so much help when someone else asks a question and the answer inspires me too. I'm retired now so have a bit more time to try things out. Nice people here. Welcome aboard!
Jan 28, 2017 22:42:31   #
Hi i have a local yarn shop in Jacksonville and we have a lot of yarn handmade items for everyone all knit and crochet supplies come visit would love to meet you we are at 5318 normandy blvd in old jim tatums menswear bldg we have 6 big shops and 8 smaller shops cross st is vincent my phone #is 674 3727 closed mon open wed from 3pm to 7pm for meetup group
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Introduce Yourself
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