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Twiddle Muff Ideas--Thank You
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May 3, 2017 14:12:41   #
I wanted to thank those who answered my call for help for making twiddle muffs. Appin, YarnCreations, kdpa07734, babsbarb, mamanacy, maspd, gdhavens, and JTM I truly appreciate the time you took to help me out and Yarn Creations the pictures you included were a gigantic help. You all gave me so many ideas of things to use (things I had in my stash but weren't on my wavelength) and things to make (knit or crochet) to decorate the muffs that I am all set. I have a good start on the knitting, I feel, and have started my third muff. So, thank you kind KPers. I couldn't have done it without you.
May 3, 2017 23:49:39   #
How about listing those ideas?
May 4, 2017 14:00:32   #
The suggestions are all included in my original post from May 1st--Twiddle Muffs Help. They were all extremely helpful. Sorry, it's beyond me how to include a link.
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