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Machine Knitting
Has Anyone Machine Knit the Lauri Dress by Lily Go?
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Jul 31, 2017 03:08:25   #
i was looking through a batch of hand knitting calendar sheets (2010 by Accord Publishing) and saw the perfect dress for my 16 month old Great Grand Daughter, but I want to Machine Knit it. Lily is from Malaysia and it's copyrighted © 2008.

Lily does have a blog
( )

And is also on Ravelry
( )..

Now to go line by line (3 cards worth ugh) and see if I can create at least a schematic. This is going to take a rather LONG time, considering my eyesight. If anyone knows where a free or low cost pattern is of something very similar to this dress, I would deeply appreciate a link.

Marge (who is once again out of the hospital... sigh)
Jul 31, 2017 06:32:55   #
susieknitter (a regular here)
If you can get the tension swatch done on the machine, the same as that using needles, then you can just follow the pattern.
Machine Knitting
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