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Crocheted edgings and thread suggestion needed
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Sep 5, 2017 16:03:03   #
I am in need of pretty but not to fancy crocheted edgings for bridal hankies. Also seeking a place to order variegated tatting thread or #20 crochet cotton. Need this for bride and grooms mothers. HELP!!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions .
Sep 5, 2017 17:14:07   #
I've been enjoying this one lately. It's quick and easy and has handy picots where you can add beads if wanted.

Oh, it just struck me, you might need corners. No instructions for them, I've been using it on scarves. Will leave it anyway :)

Sep 5, 2017 17:35:47   #

This site is vintage crochet. Link for edgings. Cotton suggestions in patterns any good?
Sep 6, 2017 07:37:08   #
Handy Hands has a marvelous selection of threads and will send a couple samples with their catalog.
Sep 6, 2017 11:11:28   #
Thank you. Will check into both places.
Sep 6, 2017 18:54:41   #
You can try Pin interest. There are a lot of graphed patterns. Found many there when I was looking for edging for pillowcases. For the thread Maggie Weldon's or Joann's are good places.
Sep 6, 2017 20:56:43   #
Thank you for looking replies. Checked Handyhands and found exactly what I am looking for.
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