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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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Oct 25, 2017 12:20:59   #

Perhaps I will grow old more quickly than I would like,

But I will strive to make each day worthwhile.

Perhaps I may suffer countless disappointments in the course of my life.

But their importance will diminish because of the love that I have encountered.

Perhaps I will never accomplish all my dreams

But I will never consider myself defeated.

Perhaps at some point I'll fail miserably,

But I won't keep staring at the ground.

Perhaps one day the sun will stop shining,

But then I will frolic in the rain.

Perhaps one day I may suffer an injustice,

But I'm never going to play the victim.

Perhaps there will be times I have to face some enemies,

But I will have the humility to accept the hands that reach out to me.

Perhaps in cold nights I will shed lots of tears,

But I will never be ashamed of my feelings.

Perhaps on many occasions I may be deceived,

But I will never stop believing that somewhere someone deserves my trust.

Perhaps over time I will recognize the mistakes I have made,

But that will not keep me from continuing my journey.

Perhaps I will even lose great friends,

But I'll discover that my true friends will never be lost.

Perhaps some people may wish bad things for me,

But I will continue to plant the seeds of fraternity where I pass.

Perhaps I'll never fully learn all the necessary lessons,

But I will discover that much wisdom already resides in my heart/soul.

Perhaps I'm not exactly who I'd like to be,

But I'll become satisfied with who I am.

Because in the end I will know that even with countless doubts,

I am able to build a better life.

And if I have not convinced myself of this,

it is because I believe in the saying “this is not the end,”

because in the end there will be no “perhaps,”

only the certainty that my life was worthwhile, and I did the best I could.
Oct 25, 2017 12:23:48   #
laurelarts (a regular here)
Oct 25, 2017 12:45:30   #
riversong200 (a regular here)
Oct 25, 2017 12:46:05   #
Candycounter1 (a regular here)
Nice read 😊
Oct 25, 2017 12:47:38   #
Earth Mother (a regular here)
I love that. Did you write it?
Oct 25, 2017 13:01:12   #
Earth Mother wrote:
I love that. Did you write it?

No but I wish I was that capable. A knitting friend from Colorado sent it to me and I had to pass it on to my friends.
Oct 25, 2017 17:24:53   #
bundyanne07 (a regular here)
That is beautiful to read as it is so true. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Oct 25, 2017 20:34:52   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
This was wonderful, thank you.
Oct 26, 2017 09:21:14   #
jberg (a regular here)
Very well put. Ideas we all need to remember. Thanks for this. jberg
Oct 26, 2017 09:35:45   #
johannecw (a regular here)
Good one! Thanks for sharing.
General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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