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Machine Knit Tote Liners
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Jan 22, 2018 13:58:53   #
Well, I had a post ALMOST done and we had a power outage. Sigh. Only off for a few minutes, but darned if I'm going to try to reconstruct the whole thing.

The point of this thread is to tell you about Soil Sample Bags. That's what I use for the small and medium tote bags I made back in the 90's for friends & LOTS of craft fairs. i no longer do them, but was contacted by a friend who remembered them. She wants a few. Now my totes were all envelope style, no gussets.

So I dug around and found that I had a couple dozen of the soil sample bags. They're a cream color, 100% cotton and, unwashed, measure approximately 17" x 10". I washed a few and they came out to 16" x 9". They're sturdy and well sewn -- have to be considering the weight of soil / rocks, etc. I got so tired of cutting fabric & sewing for the bags that when my darling hubby mentioned Soil Sample Bags (he'd used them with his students in California back when he was going for his Masters), I jumped on that.

I make as firm an outer fabric as possible; Knitweave or plating or something like that. Time to uncover the 890 and give it a wipe-down. Was deep cleaned about a month or so ago.

So if you plan to make simple totes, check and see if Soil Sample Bags are available in your area.

Unwashed Soil Sample Bag
Unwashed Soil Sample Bag...
Washed Soil Sample Bag
Washed Soil Sample Bag...
Jan 22, 2018 15:13:58   #
What a terrific idea. Where do you purchase these bags?
Jan 22, 2018 16:39:17   #
Well, i got mine locally at a mining supply store. They used to be in Reno, NV.. They're now in Sparks, NV, i think. They may know of an outlet near you. If i remember correctly, i had to buy 50 or 100 of them at a time. Can't remember, It was over 20 years ago. LOL
Jan 23, 2018 06:00:41   #
That's a good link... just type in "soil sample bag" once you get there....
Jan 23, 2018 06:44:25   #
Wow. Thanks for the idea and the link!
Jan 24, 2018 03:03:10   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
Great idea thank you
Machine Knitting
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